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Social Studies, Canadian and World Studies
ELEMENTARY: Social Studies, History and Geography
The purpose of the study of Social Studies, History and Geography is to help students to understand the society and the environment in which they live. It is through learning about their immediate and extended environment that students develop understanding of the interrelatedness and interdependency of humans around the world.
The program guides students to a profound knowledge of historical and present day events and places that impact and shape their lives. Learning about individuals who have explored and settled lands, and the cultural and intellectual gifts provided by previous civilizations draws students in to planning and imagining ways in which they can make contributions that will be of benefit to modern society.
As Catholic citizens, we are entrusted with the stewardship of our natural environment. By identifying and analyzing the forces of nature, students are empowered to develop and sustain the world’s resources for the betterment of all. Students engage in research activities, in order to think critically, discuss and reflect on pertinent issues. Individual reflection coupled with opportunities for in-depth discussions with their peers will broaden students’ grasp of human events and natural forces. As students move through these courses of study, they develop the skills they will need to take their place in society as Catholic citizens.