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An Accountability Framework For Program Review

The Toronto Catholic District Schoool Board (TCDSB) offers a continuum of services for students with special educational needs.

The Accountability Framework for Special Services (AFSS) serves multiple purposes in our service to students. It consists of a standing Program Review Committee (PRC) for each of twelve exceptionalities recognized in the Province of Ontario by the Ministry of Education.

Each PRC, an expert panel including administrators, regular classroom teachers, Special Education teachers, subject resource teachers, Assessment and Programming teachers, Psychologists, Social Workers and Speech and Language professionals, meets to establish and review program standards and measures for each of the five legal placements within its particular exceptionality.

The five placements are Regular Class with Indirect Support, Regular Class with Resource Support, Regular Class with Withdrawal, Special Education Class with Partial Integration and Special Education Class Full Time. Altogether there are potentially 60 programs (12 exceptionalities x 5 placements) which comprise the entire Accountability Framework.

Each PRC meets throughout the academic year making recommendations for the improvement of each special education program within the context of the Board's Multi Year Strategic Plan (MYSP) as well as the Board's Learning and Improvement Plan (BLIP).

The PRC ensures that student achievement and well-being is measured and that there is:

      • Equitable access to the programs.
      • Instructional fidelity across the system.
      • Ongoing professional learning opportunity for teachers and support staff.​​

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