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Speech and Language            

Did You Know...    

The ability to communicate effectively is essential to achieve and maintain academic success, social interaction and quality of life. 
Did you know...

One in six Canadians has a speech, language or hearing problem.


Speech and language delays are the most frequently reported problem in children.


Five to ten percent of school-aged children and youth have speech and language problems as well as learning and cognitive challenges.


Language impairment, one of the most common childhood disorders, affects eight percent of children.


Without appropriate support, children with mild or moderate hearing loss achieve one to four grade levels lower than their peers with normal hearing.


Early speech and language development has a major impact on future academic success.
Did you know...
  • A child’s vocabulary when starting school is a prime predictor of school success or failure.
  • Early language skills are directly related to later reading skills.
  • Children with poor language development have difficulty using language to assist their learning in math and science.
If not addressed, children and youth with speech and language problems are at greater risk for poor academic performance, social difficulties, behavioural problems, and mental health issues. In-school supports for communication, learning and mental health lead to better school success, social and emotional well-being.
School Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) have specialized knowledge and clinical training in the assessment and treatment of communication disorders, including difficulties with spoken and written language, speech (pronunciation), stuttering and voice quality. By supporting development of communication and literacy skills in the classroom, school SLPs help to ensure both academic and social success.
 If you have a concern about your child’s communication, talk to your school SLP.
To learn more about speech and language services and programs contact the Speech and Language Department at 416-222-8282 ext. 2261.