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Speech and Language

What We Do


The goal of the Speech and Language Department is to provide supports that enable students to reach their full academic, social‐emotional and spiritual potential.
Speech-Language Pathologists (SLPs) assist students who have difficulties with oral language and literacy skills. They provide services to at‐risk and identified students in regular and special education programs. They work with students, their parents and teachers, support personnel, and special services staff to enhance success in school.
Some SLPs work in a group of schools and provide a range of services and programs to students with communication needs. Other SLPs work directly in the classroom in partnership with teachers in the Kindergarten Language Program. Still others work on multi-disciplinary teams that provide more specialized services to special needs students (e.g., Support Services for Students with Autism, and Deaf and Hard of Hearing Services)
In order to fully support students with communication challenges, Speech and Language Department staff:
  • assess speech, oral and written communication skills
  • provide short term intervention
  • develop home programs
  • consult with school staff (e.g., audiologists, psychologists, social workers and teachers)
  •  work with students in regular and specialized classes who present with language impairment, multiple exceptionalities, developmental delay, autism, mild intellectual disability and hearing impairment
  • investigate alternative and augmentative communication aids for students with severe communication needs
  • determine eligibility for specialized programs (e.g., Kindergarten Language Program, Intensive Support Program  for students with Language-Impairment )
  • participate in multidisciplinary school team meetings
  • provide workshops for staff and parents
  • consult with parents
  • develop and demonstrate classroom resources
  • refer to and liaise with community agencies