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Toronto Catholic District School Board

What is a Psychological Assessment and Diagnosis?
 Over the course of their school experience, students are assessed in a variety of ways, to measure their mastery of content and skills using group administered standardized and non-standardized tests.
How Are Psychological Assessments Different From Other Assessments? 
Assessments completed by psychology staff are 
  • individualized
  • provide an in-depth evaluation of a child’s current functioning
  • can result in a diagnosis (e.g. Learning Disability, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, Depression, Anxiety, or other disorders)
  • may be completed only with the written consent of the student’s parent/guardian or for those 18 years of age or older, by the student him or herself.


The Purpose
One of the unique contributions of psychology is performing individualized psychological assessments with students, with the purpose of adding to existing information about how different internal factors (the strengths and needs) and external factors (school and home environment) influence the school performance of individual students; and answering questions such as: Does this child have a Learning Disability, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder or other disorder; as well as offering suggestions, strategies and interventions appropriate to the student’s profile supporting individual students to reach their potential.
It is in the domain of psychological service providers registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario to independently render diagnoses related to childhood disorders. 
The Assessment Process
The assessment process involves
  • gathering information to obtain a picture of the whole child in his/her school and home environment (including background information related to health, family and early development, as well as school and home environment)
  • evaluating the student’s thinking/processing and academic skills, behavior and emotional functioning, by using psychological tests that compare students to their same age peers
  • communicating the assessment findings, including the student’s strengths and needs (and diagnoses if applicable), to the parent, teacher and student (if appropriate)
  • completing a written report following an assessment.
  • Following discussion with the parent and/or the student regarding the results, a copy of the report is placed in the Ontario Student Record. Ultimately the report is intended to provide teaching staff with recommendations for academic programming and supports. Otherwise, psychological reports are confidential and are kept in psychology files accessible only to psychological service providers of the TCDSB, and are only made available to others with the express written consent of parents/guardians or adult students
Considerations for assessment
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The Psychology Department staff endeavor to maintain the privacy of the students and families with whom they work as outlined by PHIPA legislation. Please view our Privacy Policy, by clicking on the following link: