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The Psychology Department of TCDSB would like to invite every member of our community to explore and discover the many different ways psychology can help improve our everyday life and overall well-being, and balance the many roles and responsibilities we have.  Psychology is for everyone! 
 The goal of national Psychology Month is to generate awareness of, and interest in the diverse roles psychology plays, and to share with the public how psychology contributes to the overall well-being of the community.

Psychology Month Resources




  • Handle with Care:​ The spirit of the Handle with Care program is one of celebrating parenting and caregiving, recognizing the value of every parent, caregiver, and child. The Program uses a strengths-based approach that assumes every parent and caregiver has problem solving skills, potential resources, and wants what's best for the children in their lives.

  • The Psychology Foundation of Canada is a national charitable organization whose focus is on mental health promotion creating and providing prevention programs that are used across Canada in the education, social service, health and business sectors. Our suite of research-based and evaluated programs support parents through the challenges spanning the developmental stages from birth to adulthood and teach coping skills to last a lifetime. Click here to visit their parent website.​

  •  Mindset Works ​is the global leader in growth mindset training for educators and students, leveraging the pioneering research of co-founders Carol Dweck and Lisa Blackwell. The mission at Mindset Works is to enable a world in which people seek and are fulfilled by ongoing learning and growth. 

  • ​Reaching IN...Reaching OUT (RIRO) creates evidence-based programs that teach resiliency thinking and coping skills to adults and young children under the age of 8 years. Here are some of their useful Parent Tip Sheets:



  • American Psychological Association Top 20 Principles from Psychology for pre-K to 12 Teaching and Learning, which includes information on, how students think and learn; what motivates students; why social context, interpersonal relationships, and emotional well-being are important to learning; how the classroom can best be managed; and how to assess student progress. Click here to access the APA Top 20 Principles PDF. 

  • The ABCs of Mental Health provides web-based Resources for teachers, including ideas for promoting the mental health of children and adolescents, information about how children change as they get older, descriptions of behaviours that might indicate a problem, and practical suggestions for steps to take. Click here to visit the ABCs of Mental Health website. 
  • KidsHealth in the Classroom offers educators free health-related lesson plans for all grades and subject areas. Each Teacher's Guide includes discussion questions, activities, and reproducible handouts and quizzes, all aligned to national health education standards. Click here to visit the KidsHealth website.​