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SHSM REEL Canada Film Festival Event
On Thursday April 7th the Specialist High Skills Major department hosted its first SHSM REEL Canada Film Festival event at Bishop Marrocco/Thomas Merton Catholic Secondary School.  There were 10 different schools with SHSM programs in Arts & Culture, ICT and Non-Profit sectors participating in this event.   The intention of this day was not only to learn about Canadian culture through film but to learn about career pathway destinations and opportunities connected to these sectors in the film industry in Toronto.
This was the first time REEL Canada offered an event of this nature.  TCDSB was thrilled to provide this unique experiential learning and reach ahead opportunity to our TCDSB SHSM students, with over 300 students participating.
Students for each school voted on a Canadian film they wanted to view at the festival.  Based on their votes the film “How She Move” was screened and the lead actor Dwain Murphy was the guest speaker. The students spent the afternoon in breakout sessions specific to their SHSM sectors where they heard the stories & experiences of individuals working in the Film or Non-Profit sector in Toronto.  The breakout sessions were:
A.      Creative Careers of the Film Industry Workshop led by award-winning director Warren Sonoda, founder of Shoot Good Films Inc.
B.      Technical Careers of the Film Industry Workshop led by Tim Storey/David Rumley from International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees (IATSE) and Rick Bennett from Toronto Film School.
C.      Non-Profit Careers of the Film Industry Workshop led by REEL CANADA Staff Jenna Hijazi, Ravi Srinivasan (founder of South Western International Film Festival), Deanna Wong (Former Executive Director of Reel Asian Film Festival)
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Cancer Researcher for a Day @ the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research, MaRS
On Tuesday February 10th twenty-eight students from St Joseph College ‘s Health and Wellness Specialist High Skills Major (SHSM) program became “cancer researchers” for the day through a unique opportunity offered at the Ontario Institute for Cancer Research (OICR) located in the MaRs building.  The students traded in their winter coats for lab coats and learned first-hand about the more than 25 cancers being studied at the Centre.  Anna Licht, a grade 12 SHSM Health and Wellness student, had this to say about her experience at OICR.
Students entering labstudents displaying test tubes
students woking on computers  students in lab uniforms posing for picture
“The Ontario Institute for Cancer Research is located in the MaRS building where over 25 cancers are being studied.  We spent the day learning about cancers and how they are diseases of unstoppable cell growth.  After spending the day doing cancer research using bioinformatics we learned a lot about cancers in general, what we can do to prevent cancers, and new career pathways relating computer science and biology.  Some of the activities and topics we focused on included; microscopic comparisons and pathology of cells, DNA extraction from cheek cells, DNA comparison using gel electrophoresis, sequencing of DNA and finally determining the location of mutations with BLAST.  I enjoyed this particular field trip in particular because we were given the opportunity to explore real day to day cancer research techniques.  It was a lot of fun and a great learning experience.”
Anna Licht – grade 12 student
Specialist High Skills Major: Health and Wellness






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 Article courtesy of Rogers TV