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Toronto Catholic District School Board

O Canada150

CD Cover Design Submissions

To see the winning designs chosen for the front and back cover of the CD, click here.

To view all the submissions, see below.



SchoolSubmitted byLink to Submission
 Maria Camila LauLink
Blessed Pope Paul VINathan YLink
Blessed Pope Paul VIStudent-10Link
Blessed Pope Paul VI Student-11Link
Blessed Pope Paul VI Student-12Link
Blessed Pope Paul VI Student-13Link
Blessed Pope Paul VIStudent-14Link
Blessed Pope Paul VI Student-15Link
Blessed Pope Paul VI Student-1Link
Blessed Pope Paul VI Student-2Link
Blessed Pope Paul VI Student-3Link
Blessed Pope Paul VI Student-4Link
Blessed Pope Paul VI Student-5Link
Blessed Pope Paul VI Student-6Link
Blessed Pope Paul VI Student-7Link
Blessed Pope Paul VI Student-8Link
Blessed Pope Paul VI Student-9Link
Blessed Trinity Catholic SchoolCD Cover SubmissionLink
Cardinal Carter AcademyAngela Lee V1Link
Cardinal Carter AcademyAngela Lee V2Link
Josyf Cardinal SlipyjAdrianLink
Josyf Cardinal SlipyjAlexandra LunguLink
Josyf Cardinal SlipyjAlexandra MedwidskyLink
Josyf Cardinal SlipyjDaniel SLink
Josyf Cardinal SlipyjDaniel TumanskiyLink
Josyf Cardinal SlipyjIryna SakharukLink
Josyf Cardinal SlipyjJulia HnatyukLink
Josyf Cardinal SlipyjJustin BoothLink
Josyf Cardinal SlipyjKaterine BilousLink
Josyf Cardinal SlipyjKatherine MorozevychLink
Josyf Cardinal SlipyjLary SaonLink
Josyf Cardinal SlipyjLidia TeslenkoLink
Josyf Cardinal SlipyjLucas KirkLink
Josyf Cardinal SlipyjMatthew PinchakLink
Josyf Cardinal SlipyjMax SyagrovskyLink
Josyf Cardinal SlipyjNicholas MelnykLink
Josyf Cardinal SlipyjPeter LozinskyLink
Josyf Cardinal SlipyjPeter YavorskyLink
Josyf Cardinal SlipyjRoksana LepkiLink
Josyf Cardinal SlipyjSofiya GilenkoLink
Josyf Cardinal SlipyjVeronika KulinLink
Josyf Cardinal SlipyjViktoriya NovytskaLink
Madonna Angel FaresLink
MadonnaGiselle FrancoLink
MadonnaKellise WilliamsLink
MadonnaLeanne PhanLink
Mary Ward CSSCaitlin ReyesLink
Michael Power/St. JosephYiran( Molly) MaLink
Our Lady of VictoryJulianne DeoroLink
Prince of PeaceAva ChauLink
St AidanAbisherk ConstantineLink
St Aidan Anthony Miel ToycoLink
St Antoine DanielCationa dela CruzLink
St Antoine DanielChelseaLink
St. AidanBindi WaltersLink
St. AidanJedi an BallesterosLink
St. AidanKuara Inniss-DiljohnLink
St. AidanSuvetha YodarajahLink
St. AidanAshlee GuzmanLink
St. Antoine DanielAadenkaLink
St. Antoine DanielAgnisna LavvetaLink
St. Antoine DanielAidenLink
St. Antoine DanielAshleyLink
St. Antoine DanielBianca Cuero-ValenciaLink
St. Antoine DanielDaniella Mae IbatuanLink
St. Antoine DanielDaphne Valerie de GuzmanLink
St. Antoine DanielDavid John CasampolLink
St. Antoine DanielKaelen MendozaLink
St. Antoine DanielMaddison BautistaLink
St. Antoine DanielNicole TanLink
St. Antoine DanielRiley Vera KorenLink
St. Antoine DanielTristan ManzanoLink
St. Antoine DanielZacharyLink
St. Antoine DanielCharli MackayLink
St. Antoine DanielVictor SagaoinitLink
St. Basil-the-Great CollegeMaria P. Vidal Valdespino, V1Link
St. Basil-the-Great College Maria P. Vidal Valdespino, V2Link
St. BernardAudrey ManLink
St. Bernard AnfieldLink
St. BernardCeciliaLink
St. BernardCris CorbitoLink
St. BernardDavidLink
St. BernardKathyLink
St. BernardKimberyLink
St. BernardRoseanne EstradaLink
St. BernardSarahLink
St. BonaventureKiran GhanekarLink
St. CatherineAna DygasLink
St. CatherineDarren BastianLink
St. CatherineDarwyn ChangLink
St. CatherineShakithjini KunoseelanLink
St. CatherineVictor ZhongLink
St. Conrad Catholic SchoolAva BowmanLink
St. DorothyAngel BelloLink
St. DorothyDelfina DebrahLink
St. DorothyEmilie Rosales VargasLink
St. DorothyIzak YankuiLink
St. DorothyJarvindale CelisLink
St. DorothyMonica Danilewicz and Etang DavidLink
St. DorothyPriscilla FloresLink
St. DorothyZyla BagsiyaoLink
St. Francis of AssisiKayla HallLink
St. Gabriel April CourtLink
St. Joseph Morrow ParkAlex ArclLink
St. Joseph Morrow ParkGeraldineLink
St. Joseph Morrow ParkMonica GLink
St. Joseph Morrow ParkStudentLink
St. Joseph Morrow ParkJazminLink
St. Joseph Morrow ParkStudentLink
St. Joseph Morrow ParkIrish LaurelLink
St. Joseph Morrow ParkJina KLink
St. Joseph Morrow ParkSamantha SLink
St. Joseph Morrow ParkChristine RamosLink
St. Joseph Morrow ParkStudentLink
St. Joseph Morrow ParkJee Zyl PaneloLink
St. Mary Catholic AcademyAli TabilinLink
St. Mary Catholic AcademyStefan CloseLink
St. Mary Catholic AcademyJordan IsaacLink
St. Mary Catholic AcademyOlivia DiPiazza-FilipLink
St. Mary Catholic AcademyRoxy KovacsLink
St. RaphaelShania PonceanoLink
St. RaphaelShania PonceanoLink
St. RaphaelAlexandraLink
St. RaphaelAva CirilloLink
St. RaphaelChristianLink
St. RaphaelChristopherLink
St. RaphaelEmanuelLink
St. RaphaelJoanna SLink
St. RaphaelJohn MichaelLink
St. RaphaelJustin Zafar-BaysaLink
St. RaphaelLiam TuckerLink
St. RaphaelLuca Gennaro RubertoLink
St. RaphaelMatthew MLink
St. RaphaelNahomiLink
St. RaphaelPatrickLink
St. RaphaelRolandoLink
St. RaphaelSelena ZLink
St. RaphaelStefanieLink
St. RaphaelTheresaLink
St. RobertCamilla MLink
St. RobertDaniel FLink
St. RobertLauren DLink
St. RobertLouie MLink
St. RobertOlivia BLink
St. RobertAlyssa MarianiLink
St. RobertJulia Da SilvaLink
St. RobertLucaLink
St. RobertMarianaLink
St. RobertSofiaLink
St. RochAdrian ILink
St. RochAngel BarriosLink
St. RochBeatrice Balabis-TocmoLink
St. RochBenedict CarranzaLink
St. RochChristian BLink
St. RochGeorge AframLink
St. RochIan BarakaLink
St. RochJay VincentLink
St. RochJohn RayLink
St. RochMadlene JonaLink
St. RochMarsilLink
St. RochMena al BotanyLink
St. RochMikaylaLink
St. RochRiyanaLink
St. RochSaheyni VeraLink
St. RochStudentLink
St. RochVaida EdwardLink
St. TimothySt. Timothy Sings O CanadaLink