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Frequently Asked Questions  











What are the English language requirements?
None. We will accept students of any ability; however for students with little experience in English, it may take at least three years of full time study in our schools before they are proficient. Upon their arrival in Toronto, Secondary students will have an English and Math assessment at our Orientation Centre where their proficiency will be assessed and course recommendations will be made.
Do elementary students need to be baptized?
Yes, elementary students must be baptized to be accepted into an elementary school in the Toronto Catholic District School Board. If the student is not baptized, then the parent or guardian must be baptized.

How do I submit an application?
We accept applications via email or regular mail. Recruiter/students living in Toronto are encouraged to make an appointment to submit an application. Please visit our 'Contact Information' tab on the left hand side for more information.
What documents are necessary for an application to be considered complete?
For an application to be considered complete. we must have the following documents:: immunization record, translated report cards, custodian forms, proof of custodian's status in Canada, passport, study VISA, health insurance and full tuition payment. Please see our 'checklist' in the 'documents' tab on the left hand side.
Do submitted documents need to be notarized?
Custodian forms, parental custodian forms and all translated documents must be notarized.

Do report cards have to be translated?
Yes, report cards must be translated as they are given to the Orientation Centre and the High school to determine course selection.
What is the deadline to submit a new application?
We encourage students/recruiters to submit an application as soon as possible so that we can begin the registration process. However, we do have deadlines for applications. For academic terms beginning in September, our deadline to accept an application is June 15. For academic terms beginning in February, our deadline to accept an application is November 30. We cannot guarantee an acceptance for any applications submitted after these dates.

How do students get a Letter of Acceptance?

In order to receive a Letter of Acceptance, recruiters/students must submit a completed application form and package that includes: passport, translated report cards and full tuition payment. Outstanding documents must be submitted as soon as possible.
How do students get a Study VISA?
We do not facilitate the VISA application process. Recruiters/students can use our Letter of Acceptance to apply for a study VISA, but they are ultimately responsible for obtaining a valid study VISA for the duration of their stay in Canada. For more information, please visit the Application to Study in Canada, Study Permits website:
When should students arrive in Toronto?
Students are encouraged to arrive two weeks prior to the start date of their academic term so that they have ample time to prepare for their academic term by meeting at our head office, having their Orientation Centre Assessment and picking their courses with their guidance counsellor. Students who arrive later than two weeks prior to their academic term will likely have to start at a later date.

Once students arrive in Toronto, what should they do?
As soon as students book their plane ticket to Toronto, they (or their recruiter) must notify someone in the International Education Program. Once this has been done, we will schedule a Head Office Appointment. At the Head Office Appointment, students are encouraged to be accompanied by an English - speaking recruiter or guardian who can translate important information regarding the next steps of registration.

What is the Head Office Appointment?
The Head Office Appointment is when students come to our head office. We schedule these appointments based on arrival dates in Toronto. Students are encouraged to bring an English - speaking guardian or recruiter to this appointment so that important registration information can be translated.

What is the Orientation Assessment?
The Orientation Assessment is a three hour Math and English assessment used to determine course selection for Secondary students. Secondary students must be accompanied by an English - speaking guardian who will stay for the entire three hour duration. Students must bring a pen, pencil, calculator, passport, copy of their translated report cards (provided by us) and Letter of Acceptance to the Orientation Centre Assessment. More information is provided at the Head Office Appointment.

How is your school system organized?
Schools in the TCDSB run according to the guidelines of the Ontario government Ministry of Education and Training. Students enter Elementary School at age 4, attending 2 years of Kindergarten, followed by grades 1 to 8. Secondary School consists of grades 9 to 12. Students who complete 30 credits (including all mandatory courses) in Secondary school receive an Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Which schools are available for students?
We try  to accommodate all school requests that are listed on applications. However, school placement is dependent on ESL support availability, space in selective grades, and based on how early applications are received. Applications received as soon as possible are more likely to be accommodated. Students are asked to list three choices on their application form and as such, we cannot guarantee acceptance into the first choice.

What grade level will students enter upon arrival into our program?
Based on the Ministry of Education Guidelines in Ontario, grade level in determined by birth year. Students will be entered into an age- appropriate grade level. Secondary students will be assessed at the Orientation Centre where course recommendations will be made to determine the accuracy of course placement.
How do students pick their courses?
After their Orientation Centre Assessment, Secondary students are given course recommendations to pass along to their schools. They must also visit their guidance counsellors, where together, the students and counsellors will pick their courses based on proficiency levels.

What is the schedule for classes?
Classes run Monday through Friday, typically from 8:30 am until 3:30 pm, with generally a forty-five minute break for lunch. Our Night School program runs from 6:00 pm until 9:15 pm. with students attending class 2 nights a week for each credit they take.

How is homestay placement determined?

In partnership with Canada Homestay International, we provide students with exceptional placement for their time in Toronto. Homestay families are matched with each student based on personality, and on the basis of proximity to school and homestay family address. International students are welcomed into the home with open arms and treated with the same respect and care as a family member to ensure the best possible experience.

Is public transportation available in Toronto?
The Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) is the main public transit system in Toronto. More information is available at

How can I become an recruiter?
Please visit our 'For Recruiters' tab on the left hand side for more information on how to become an recruiter.

How do I contact someone in the International Education Program?
We encourage recruiters/students to make appointments so that we can be best prepared to serve you in a timely manner. To drop off applications, payments, or to pick up a payment receipt or Letter of Acceptance, appointments must be made. The most convenient way to schedule 'an appointment' is to email the Administrative Assistants of the program. Please visit the 'Contact Information' tab on the left hand side for contact information.