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Musical "Seussical"  -
 -A musical based on the stories of Dr. Seuss
Book by: Lynn Ahrens and Stephen Flaherty
Co-Conceived by: Eric Idle
Lyrics by: Lynn Ahrens
Music by: Stephen Flaherty
Co-Conceived by Lynn Ahrens, Stephen Flaherty and Eric Idle.
Synopsis: The tales of Dr. Seuss come to the stage in a musical adventure for all ages. Hilarity ensues as the much-loved characters of Horton the Elephant, The Cat in the Hat, and many more combine in a toe-tapping story that spans a wide spectrum of musical styles.
Executive Producer: Linda Vachon
Director: Mirella Rossi
Music Director: Roger Richard and Vince Gassi
Place: TAB, usually in the Theatre at Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts, 36 Greenfield Avenue, North York, Ontario M2N 3C8, (Yonge & Sheppard)   View Map
Performance Dates:
Friday May 30, 2008  7:30 p.m.  
Saturday May 31, 2008  7:30 p.m.  
Sunday June   1, 2008  2:00 p.m. Matinee
Thursday June    5, 2008 7:30 p.m.  
Friday June    6, 2008  7:30 p.m.  
Saturday June    7, 2008  7:30 p.m.  

Tickets: Tickets are $15 for adults and $10 for students for all performances.
Poster:  Click here to see the Poster.
Information Meeting
Thursday December 6, 2007, 5:00 p.m., at St. Margaret School, 85 Carmichael Avenue, North York, (near Avenue Rd. & Wilson. Click here for a map.)
All are invited to the  Information Meeting for the TCDSB Staff Arts Musical Production.
Interested in singing, acting, dancing or working behind the scenes? Come and find out more. Please join us at this information meeting.
Audition Information: Available documents: Seussical Information SheetSignup sheet 
Tues Jan 8
5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Wed Jan 9
5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Dance Audition:
Thurs Jan 10
5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Thurs Jan 10
7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Place: All auditions at St. Margaret School (85 Carmichael Avenue, North York) (near Avenue Rd. & Wilson)
To book a singing/acting audition:
1. Come to the information meeting on Thursday December 6, 2007, 5:00 p.m., at St. Margaret School. Sign up sheets will be available
2. To sign up after December 6, 2007, phone the Staff Arts hotline (416-222-8282 Ext. 2787) leave your name, spelling of your name, and daytime and evening numbers where you can be reached. Someone will return your call.
3. There is no need to sign up for the dance audition. All interested candidates should show up at St. Margaret School by 5:00 p.m. on January 10. Wear comfortable clothes and shoes and be prepared to dance. All participants will be taught a short routine which they will then perform in small groups for the audition panel.
Each person will be asked to present a monologue and a song of his or her choice.  It is suggested that you pick a song that suits your vocal range and character.  The audition will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes.  All those interested in auditioning for the Chorus are encouraged to attend the dance audition on Thursday, January 10th, 2008 as this is an energetic and active show with plenty of unique characters!  Character descriptions and vocal ranges are outlined below.  
Vocal Ranges and Character Descriptions
Vocal Range
 The Cat playfully provokes change in the lives of those around him by creating obstacles and rites of passage.  As in Dr Seuss’s books, the Cat’s intentions, although mischievous, are benevolent.  The Cat’s main objective is to have fun stirring things up, using some risky tactics, but always to a good end.  The Cat in the Hat is the essence of mischief, fun and imagination.
 Horton’s main objective throughout the show is to protect Mayzie’s abandoned egg and the invisible planet of Who. He is an elephant/gentle giant, slow-moving and a contemplative thinker in a world of agile, fleet-footed, quick and opinionated jungle animals. He is physically and socially different than the other animals, steadfast in his integrity and deeply-grounded in his beliefs.  He is very un-self-conscious.
Gertrude’s main objective is to win Horton’s attention and affection. She is determined to do whatever it takes to make that happen.  She desperately wants to be noticed by the elephant whose kind heart she has come to love. Gertrude doesn’t quite fit in with the other jungle animals, feels unsure of herself socially, is self conscious, and the physical flaws she perceives in herself give support to her insecurities.  Eventually, she stops worrying about her looks and grows up.
 Mayzie’s objective is to have a good time while living life to the fullest. She is sensuous and enjoys being admired and adored. Many have a hard time keeping up with her, as she is a real powerhouse, with great intelligence, beauty, and style. She gives up her egg to Horton realizing that he is a better caregiver than herself. She is also relieved that her exciting lifestyle will not have to be interrupted. 
The Sour Kangaroo is the diva queen of the jungle. She is a tyrannical marsupial with attitude! She has style and flair, but she is also hard-hearted and sour. She has worked her way to the top and commands power and respect (R-E-S-P-E-C-K).  The Sour Kangaroo holds onto her power by rewarding those who cater to her opinions and punishing those who do not. However, when she realizes she is wrong, she is quick to acknowledge it.
Mixed Ranges
The three Bird Girls are a flamboyant “girl group.” Individually, each is a gorgeous, tropically decked-out, hot jungle bird. As a trio, they live to sing, dance and perform.
Mixed Ranges
The Wickersham Brothers live to impress the world, are impulsive bad boys who like to monkey around and enjoy creating havoc for fun. 
JoJo is a ‘thinker’, a smart child with a wild imagination. His courage to speak his own mind in the face of oppression and to follow his intuition in the midst of danger, finally leads to a triumphant recognition of his heroic visionary strengths.  His father is the mayor of Whoville.
 Mr. Mayor wants to be a good leader and father to JoJo. He is a recently-elected official who is proud of his new role as mayor and eager to prove his abilities.
Mrs. Mayor wants, above all else, to be a good wife and mother to JoJo.  She is proud to be the mayor’s wife wishing to uphold the values they share and striving to present their family as an exemplary, well-put-together unit. 
General Genghis Khan Schmitz sees the world in simple contrasts: good and evil, weak and strong, boy and man. He believes in values of militaristic regimentation: conformity, rigorous and disciplined physical training, and following orders without questions. There is no place on the battlefield for dreaming.
The Grinch is a green beastie who lives in Whoville. He is a happy member of the Who community.
Mixed Ranges
The Citizens of Whoville are innocent, slightly quirky people who value conformity and clean living. For the most part, they are happy, hard-working, earnest citizens who enjoy their lives and one another’s company. 
Mixed Ranges
The Jungle animals are “street-smart” creatures that live by the laws of the jungle.
  Call 416-222-8282 ext 2787 for further information.
  Performance right held by   Music Theatre International (MTI).