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Director: Nicole Toogood   
Producer: Sally Tellis
Ella Wimsley is an ancient, retired actress who never forgets her featured role in the silent version of The Red Bonnet. The play takes place on the opening day of a Vermont Inn which Ella owns. Complications arise when she is mistaken for a chiropractor's mistress, the chiropractor develops amnesia just as his wife arrives, Ella's granddaughter stops by on her way to spend a weekend with her hippie boyfriend, and a missing patient from a local rest home tries to discover who he is. Prominently featured is a large ottoman where Ella tries to keep the doctor until she can bring him to his senses, but this proves an impossibility in the busy inn.
 "A barrel of explosively funny gag lines and farcical situations".
Performance Dates:
 Performances will be on February  21, 22, 28 and March 1.

In the theatre at St. Patrick Catholic Secondary School




​Audition Information

Auditions are now closed. Thanks to all of those who tried out.

​Characters A brief description of 12 CHARACTERS: (5 women and 7 men) 
Ella Wimsley - An elderly lady in her mid to late 70's. She has a dramatic and uplifting personality with an over the top longing to become a movie star once again.
Margot Lister - A sophisticated New Yorker with a rare sense of humor. A lady in her late thirties who has wisdom and a flare for style.
Pearl Dubbins - A native Vermonter of indeterminate age, with dry sarcasm and lack of patience. 
Virgil Dubbins - A laconic Vermonter of inderminate age, who never seems to be bothered by anyone or anything.  He takes life as it comes but has a great sense of pride.  Must be able to do physical comedy. 
Ted Hazeltine - General Manager of the local rest home. Young in age and extremely charming.
Peter Cort - A very successful doctor in his late fifties.  He is ill at ease, nervous and lacking any aggressive qualities.  He develops amnesia. Must be able to do physical comedy, including being hit and falling down.
The Stranger - An escaped patient from the local rest home. He does not know who he is, but is good at accepting other identities.
Carol Wimsley - Ella's grand daughter.  She is young, sweet and unsure and goes to her grandmother for advice.
Morgan Crux - Carol's Hippie boyfriend. Laid back, relaxed, and believes in free love.
Man - A Hotel reviewer
Poster: Click here for a copy of the Surprise Poster