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Canada 150 Concert Members Page


A concert to celebrate Canada’s sesquicentennial. Come and join the fun.

Concert Date

Friday May 5, 2017, 7:30 pm 


In the theatre at Cardinal Carter Academy for the Arts

Dress Rehearsal

Wednesday May 3, 2017  

Choir Rehearsals

Wednesdays beginning February 8, 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm,  at St. Margaret Catholic School, 85 Carmichael Avenue.

Music Director

Anne Bolger


Choir Member Guidelines

We want everyone to feel that their time at rehearsal is well spent and enjoyable. In order to facilitate that, we’ve put together some guidelines for choir members. Looking forward to the first rehearsal!




  • Please register for choir on the website before the first rehearsal, so that we know how much music we will need. See link above.
  • Please treat rehearsals as compulsory. If you will be missing any of the choir rehearsals please let Anne know ASAP.
  • Arrive early enough to sign in and pick up new music before rehearsal starts.
  • If you are an inexperienced singer, you need to be at rehearsal to learn your music; if you are an experienced singer, we need you at rehearsal to help others in your section.
  • Please do not invite friends to join the choir once rehearsals have begun. We have a very short rehearsal period, and if someone has missed several rehearsals, they are holding up our progress by starting late. Despite this, the conductor may choose to augment a section with some extra voices to balance the parts. These would only be singers with solid voices and excellent reading skills.
  • Please do not leave rehearsal early without speaking to the conductor beforehand.
  • If someone has to miss several rehearsals, it will be at the discretion of the conductor whether or not they will sing at the concert.
  • If you have to drop out of choir before the concert, please inform the conductor and return your music promptly.
  • If you are sick or for another reason unable to attend a rehearsal, please contact Francine Giroux at before the rehearsal.



  • Please save socializing for before and after rehearsal and during the break; chatting with your neighbor(s) during the rehearsal, (including while another section is going over their part) is distracting to the singers and the conductor, and makes it difficult for all to hear.
  • Bring a pencil and eraser to every rehearsal to mark your music; use pencil only to mark your music - no pen or highlighters.
  • Water is the only suitable refreshment during rehearsals. Please do not eat or chew gum during rehearsal. Refreshments will be provided during the break.
  • Please come to rehearsals and concert performances ‘fragrance free’ as we have choir members who are allergic to scents and perfumes.



  • Work on your music at home.
  • Look after your music and folder. They are expensive to replace.
  • Return all music promptly after the concert.
  • HAVE FUN!!!