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Toronto Catholic District School Board

O’ Canada Contest

Get Ready to Sing and Celebrate Canada150

Taking pride in our country, and our anthem, and celebrating the talents of our students, all are invited to consider participating in our O’Canada Contest.


Schools were encouraged to submit a video of their choir (or other grouping of students) singing O’Canada.


This could be done a cappella or with musical accompaniment, in English, in French, or in both official languages.


All videos are published on the TCDSB’s Canada150 website so that they can be easily shared.


The best submissions as adjudicated by a team of professionals have been invited to professionally record their rendition of O’Canada, and these will be compiled into a CD which will be made available to all schools for use throughout the 2017-2018 academic year—The Year of the School.


The CD and winning entries will be revealed in late June during our annual red and white spirit day.




Click here to download the O'Canada Contest flyer.


The TCDSB Arts Department:

Music inquiries: Vicki McRae Vocal/Instrumental Resource Teacher K-12
416 222 8282 ex. 2636


Visual art inquiries: Carmelo Cucchi, Art Resource
416 222 8282 ex. 2164 



Filming your Music Video:

Film your video on a camcorder, HD camera, your iPhone, iPad or other handheld device.

Remember that the videos are essentially demos to help our judges determine which 10 renditions will be professionally recorded to create the final CD.



Submitting your finished video:

Submit your Music Video via Google Drive

(Must use TCDSB Google Drive account to upload file)

1.            Navigate to the TCDSB Google Drive

2.    log in with your credentials.

1.    use your TCDSB Username and append to

2.    use your TCDSB password

3.    open another browser tab to




4.    in the Google Drive share folder, please create a New Folder with your school's name and place your video file(s) in this new directory.



Detailed Criteria for O Canada Project


Goal:  To express the diversity of our Board by performing O CANADA in ways that reflect the distinct nature of each School Community within TCDSB and to produce a CD for use in ALL TCDSB schools during morning exercises that includes 10 professionally mastered recordings.
How:  We are inviting schools to submit a demo video to an adjudication committee at the CEC by no later than Friday, April 28, 2017.  All entrants must perform O Canada in a way that acknowledges the unique character of their school community.  This could be based on ethnicity or common interests – such as sports, music, arts etc.  Ten schools will be chosen to professionally record their version onto a Canada 150 CD to be used by all TCDSB schools for daily use.

Please note that schools are encouraged to feature 25 or fewer individuals in their music video.
When:  Deadline for your submissions is Friday, April 28th.
Additional Criteria
Variety – We want 10 very different versions.  The winning selections must be MUSICAL, SINGABLE and DISTINCT.
MUSICAL:  Singing must be in tune with good volume.  We will listen for good tone and a balance of head and chest voice.  Elementary Schools may sing in one or two parts.  Secondary schools may sing in SATB harmony.  Full choral sound or Soloist with back-up vocals are both acceptable.
Instrumentation must be confident and accurate.  We are looking for diverse and inventive instrumental arrangements that reflect a particular culture or character.
SINGABLE:  Renditions must be in range from B to D major so that it is singable for all school-aged voices.
Diction must be clear – eg.  “ With glowing hearts”
Ornamentation in the singing should be kept to a minimum.
DISTINCT:  Culturally specific instruments can be considered.
Some examples: 
Bazuki   -    Greece
Steel Pan -  West Indies
 Drums     -   Africa/First Nations
 Fiddle       - East Coast Canadian/Ireland/Scotland
Ukulele    -  N. America/Hawaii
Gamalon/Marimba/pitched percuss. – South Asian
Pan Flute     - South America
Found sounds:  Non-musical sounds that can be incorporated
Eg. Basketball bounces – reflects an athletic community
Hammer/tool sounds – could reflect the life of a new Canadian working in construction
Use of Visual props/costume is encouraged for the video.
You may also wish to incorporate dance or movement that complements your music video.
Please use whatever you have at your disposal to express the unique culture of your school.  Bear in mind that the end product is a recording so your distinct culture must be evident in sound alone.
O'Canada Contest Adjudication Form: O'Canada Contest Adjudication.pdfO'Canada Contest Adjudication.pdf
Have fun with this project and Happy Canada 150!