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Toronto Catholic District School Board

TCDSB Staff Arts Annual General Meeting (AGM)



NOVEMBER 19 2019, 5:00 PM.


St. Margaret School, 85 Carmichael Avenue


All current members of TCDSB Staff Arts who have participated or continue to participate in the Staff Arts Choir, Comedies or Musicals.


  1. Welcome. Purpose. Introduction of current Board of Directors.
  2. Election of 3 Staff Arts members to the Board of Directors of TCDSB Staff Arts. (see details below)
  3. Review of the Constitution of TCDSB Staff Arts.
    - All attendees are requested to read in advance the Constitution of TCDSB Staff Arts, 2019, currently posted on the website of TCDSB Staff Arts.
  4. Review of 2018-2019 season and update of plans for the 2019-2020 season
  5. Treasurer’s Report and review of production budgets.




Under the terms of the TCDSB Staff Arts Constitution 2019, Article 4, three members shall be elected by the eligible members for a three year term on the Board of Directors. Eligible candidates must be current or retired employees of the TCDSB (Article 2). They must have read and agreed to all other eligibility requirements as set out in Article 4 (b) of the TCDSB Staff Arts Constitution.
Please complete the online nomination form, no later than November 12, 2019,  to be considered for a TCDSB Staff Arts Board of Directors Position.


Under the terms of the TCDSB Staff Arts Constitution 2019, Article 4 (b) (c) eligible voters must be in attendance at the AGM and must have actively participated in a minimum of two Staff Arts productions in the previous three years (September 2016 to June 2019). Potential electors are requested to review Article 4 of the TCDSB Staff Arts Constitution 2019 prior to voting.



Regarding voting for members to sit on the Board of Staff Arts:

We have received appeals from members of Staff Arts who are unable for compelling personal or professional reasons to attend the AGM on November 19 but who would like the opportunity to stand as a candidate for election to the Board and/or who wish to vote.
Upon consideration, the Board has agreed to the following:


  1. A member wishing to stand as a candidate but who is unable for compelling personal or professional reasons to attend the AGM may make an appeal to the Board to be excused from that requirement. That person must meet all other requirements and must provide an explanation to the Board for that excusal. The final decision rests with the Board.
  2. In order to ensure the integrity of the vote, a member must attend in person to vote and have his/her name authenticated. Voting will begin at 4:30 pm (one half hour prior to the business meeting) and continue until 6:30 pm to address scheduling issues.


TCDSB Staff Arts, Annual General Meeting, Update

This is an important update for all members of TCDSB Staff Arts attending the AGM on Tuesday November 19, 2019.
Item 2 of the AGM agenda, as posted on the TCDSB Staff Arts website, was the election of members to the Staff Arts Board of Directors. Two candidates stepped forward by the nomination deadline of November 12. Both being eligible, both will sit on the Board. Therefore no voting will be required or held.
The two successful candidates are MEGAN SLATER and JOHN ZACHAR.

Congratulations to both.

The remainder of the agenda will proceed beginning at 5:00 p.m. and all members are encouraged to attend.