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Toronto Catholic District School Board

CSPC Executive Training Session


  • Date: May 13th, 2019  
  • Topics: School By-Laws
    CSPC Annual Year End Activity & Financial Report (New Online Reporting)
  • Time: 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.
  • Location: Jack Quigley Rm. (1st Floor)
    Catholic Education Centre (80 Sheppard Ave. East)

Please register your CSPC School Team by May 7th , 2019
Parking is available at the CEC/ TTC (Yonge & Sheppard)


The Parent engagement department invites members of the council to participate in this information and training session to assist councils in fulfilling the following Ministry Regulation 612 and TCDSB S.10 Policy CSPC requirements:
Ministry Regulation 612/00
15. (1) A school council may make by-laws governing the conduct of its affairs. O. Reg. 612/00, s. 15 (1).
(2) Every school council shall make the following by-laws:
1. Aby-lawthatgovernselectionproceduresandthefillingofvacanciesinthemembershipoftheschoolcouncil.
2. Aby-lawthatestablishesrulesrespectingparticipationinschoolcouncilproceedingsincasesofconflictofinterest.
3. A by-law that, in accordance with any applicable policies established by the board that established the council, establishes a conflict resolution process for internal school council disputes. O. Reg. 612/00, s. 15 (2).
24. (1) Every school council shall annually submit a written report on its activities to the principal of the school and to the board that established the council. O. Reg. 612/00, s. 24 (1).
(2) If the school council engages in fundraising activities, the annual report shall include a report on those activities. O. Reg. 612/00, s. 24 (2).
(3) The principal shall, on behalf of the school council, give a copy of the report to every parent of a pupil who, on the date the copy is given, is enrolled in the school. O. Reg. 612/00, s. 24 (3).
(4) Subsection (3) may be complied with by,
(a) giving the report to the parent’s child for delivery to his or her parent; and
(b) posting the report in the school in a location that is accessible to parents. O. Reg. 612/00, s. 24 (4).
TCDSB Policy on Catholic School Parent Councils, S. 10
17. Each CSPC will develop by-laws governing the conduct of its activities and must include the following by-laws:
i. a by-law governing election procedures and the filling of vacancies in the membership of the CSPC
ii. a by-law that establishes rules respecting participation in school council proceedings in cases of conflict of interest
iii. a by-law that establishes a conflict resolution process for internal Council disputes, consistent with TCDSB policy H.M.19 Conflict Resolution. [hyperlink to policies]. CSPC by-laws must be distributed and verified each year at the Annual General Meeting.
iv. A by-law that establishes a process for the governance of Catholic School parent councils and its affairs.
22. Per legislation an annual report will be submitted by May of every year to the principal and local trustee. Trustees will determine if this should be shared with the board. The annual report will be posted to the website.
Please click here to download a CSPC Executive Training Workshop Series flyer.