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TCDSB Election of Chair and Vice-Chair for 2019-2020

Angela Kennedy and Joseph Martino

November 28, 2019—At tonight’s Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB) Caucus meeting Ward 1 Trustee Joseph Martino was elected Chair, and Angela Kennedy, Trustee for Ward 11 was elected Vice-Chair. Collectively, they bring close to 50 years of experience.
Joseph Martino was first elected as a TCDSB Trustee in 1989 and served as Chair of the Board from 1998-1999. He also held several terms as Chair and Vice-Chair of various Board committees throughout his career. After leaving office for several years to focus on his family and his business, he returned as Trustee in 2010.
“I am proud to serve as the new Chair of the TCDSB and with the experience I bring to this role, I will continue the work that is underway to ensure everyone in our school system is treated with respect and dignity,” says Mr. Martino. “I stepped up to the plate because I believe it is important for the entire Board of Trustees to conduct themselves in a way that is orderly and of a high standard. We need to voice our opinions in a manner that is fair and respectful of student needs. I support open communications and will speak as the Chair with a unified voice. I will not act as one, but as we.”
Angela Kennedy was first elected as a TCDSB Ward 11 Trustee in 2000 and was re-elected to a 6th term in 2018. In her time as a Trustee she has served as Chair of the Board for two terms from 2008-2010 and 2015-2017 as well as one term as Vice-Chair.
“The newly elected Chair and I share a commitment to ensuring that all our proceedings are handled efficiently and respectfully; and it is our hope that we can come together as a Board of Trustees grounded in Gospel values and entrusted with this great gift of publicly funded Catholic education,” says Mrs. Kennedy.
Angela was educated in the Catholic school system in Toronto. She attended Corpus Christi Catholic Elementary School before graduating from Notre Dame Catholic Secondary School and St. Joseph’s School of Nursing. She became the local president of the Toronto East General Hospital Nurses Union (LOCAL 115), a position she held for 10 years. She is a registered nurse who is a certified diabetes educator employed at the Michael Garron Hospital, where she has worked for over 40 years. She also served on a Parent Council and was former President of the Toronto Regional Council.
“I am honoured to serve as Vice-Chair and understand how critical peace and stability is in our role as governors of the Board. We should be the leader of all school boards and role models for our youngest learners. We must also continue to support our students and families with compassion and sensitivity.”
Appointments to Statutory and Standing Committees include:
  • Student Achievement and Well Being, Catholic Education and Human Resources Committee – Chair: Garry Tanuan; Vice-Chair: Teresa Lubinski
  • Corporate Services, Strategic Planning and Property Committee – Chair: Michael Del Grande; Vice-Chair: Nancy Crawford
  • Governance and Policy – Chair: Nancy Crawford; Vice-Chair: Michael Del Grande
  • Supervised Alternative Learning - Teresa Lubinski; Norm di Pasquale (alternate)
  • Catholic Parent Involvement Committee - Garry Tanuan; Norm di Pasquale (alternate)