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Toronto Catholic District School Board

THINKfast at Romero


group photo of Romero students


This past weekend, 40 Romero students and staff members participated in THINKfast. THINKfast, a Development and Peace initiative, is a 24-hour fast.
The goal of THINKfast is to bring youth together to learn more about, create awareness for, discuss, and fundraise for social justice issues at local, national, and international levels.
The 24-hour fast is a chance for students to be thankful for what they have and be in solidarity with those who have less. During Friday afternoon and throughout the evening, the students had the opportunity to develop their awareness through a reflection, games, viewing of documentaries, group discussions, and guest speakers from various organizations.
Prior to the event, the students raised funds through sponsors. The total amount raised was $880.00. These funds will support the work of Development and Peace and Young Women's Christian Association.
These students cared enough about this issue to challenge themselves through fasting and participating in both a learning experience and a community building event.


This event is an opportunity for the students to remember Archbishop Oscar Romero who dedicated his life to fighting against injustice.