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​The Gr. 6/7 students from Ms. Knox's class put on a beautiful rendition of the 3 trees play. This was a perfect way to centre ourselves in Holy Week as the Stations of the Cross were woven into the play. The messages were clear - God has a plan for us all, and Jesus' sacrifice was made out of love. Both messages are ones we hope everyone was able to take. 

A write up on the play from Andrea D is below the pictures. 




Do you know what the stations of the cross are? They are fourteen stations that represent the stages of Christ's passion and death. I am a student from Mrs. Knox’s seventh and sixth-grade class. Our class performed “The Three Trees” play, directed by Mr. Fernandes. This story is about three trees on a mountain top. These trees dreamed of what they wanted to become when they grew up. One wanted to be a treasure chest, another an ocean-going boat, and the third a signpost to God. Their wishes come true in a way they never expected. This play was performed on Holy Thursday, April 14th. Holy Thursday signifies when Jesus had his last supper.

 In my opinion, my favorite part is in the 11th station. This station signifies the trees reflecting on Jesus’s journey. One of my favorite lines from the play is said by the second tree, “We all get cuts and bruises but how many people go through all that pain for other people?”

This is such a powerful line. Jesus went through so many challenges so we can rise up to heaven and have eternal life. Another one of my favorite lines in the play is said by the first tree, “I am holding the greatest treasure in the world.” In this play, the first tree wanted to carry powerful kings, however, she carried something that is much more important, Jesus. This line tells people how important Jesus is and how much he sacrificed for us. Not only did the lines make a huge impact in the play, but the music, character expression, lights, and props. These were all done phenomenally. All of these things truly made the play come to life.


Our class performed this play very well. We put sweat and tears into this play and worked on it for about a month. Almost every day we would practice for about an hour. Everything worked perfectly, lights, music, character lines/expression, and props. We performed two plays, one for the kindergartens and one for the primaries, juniors, and intermediate classes.  Both performances were exponentially executed.

It was flawless from start to finish. Thanks Mr. Fernandes for providing the opportunity for our class to perform this play. Thank you students and teachers for being such an amazing audience for our performance.

Andrea D Gr. 7