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The English curriculum is based on the belief that language learning is critical to responsible and productive citizenship, and that all students can become successful language learners. The curriculum is designed to provide students with the knowledge and skills that they need to achieve this goal. It aims to help students become successful language learners.


Successful language learners: understand that language learning is a necessary, life-enhancing, reflective process; communicate – that is, read, listen, view, speak, write, and represent – effectively and with confidence; make meaningful connections between themselves, what they encounter in texts, and the world around them; think critically; understand that all texts advance a particular point of view that must be recognized, questioned, assessed, and evaluated; appreciate the cultural impact and aesthetic power of texts; use language to interact and connect with individuals and communities, for personal growth, and for active participation as world citizens.

​Supplementary Reading

In addition to texts studied as a class within the core English curriculum, students at Madonna are expected to complete supplementary reading (approximately two - three books in each grade). 

The books students are reading are determined through the students' own choice, however, teachers are often in conversation with students to ensure they are choosing the best content and challenge for their reading skill level. 

This reading is designed to help students gain stamina in reading, develop a greater understanding of the world around them, and cultivate a lifelong love of reading and literature.  

Please see the links below for grade specific information.


Grade 10​

Grade 11​

Grade 12