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Madonna Catholic Secondary School offers a wide range of courses in the areas of Accounting, Marketing, International Business, Business Leadership, Entrepreneurship and ICT in Business.  Students who are enrolled in business courses are provided with the opportunity to experience the many aspects of business that affect their daily lives. Participation in these areas of study does not end in the classroom; many of the skills developed in the class are far reaching and help young people to develop the life skills that are needed to succeed in their future careers. 

At Madonna, the fundamental goal of the Business Department is to prepare students to become future contributing members of society that are instilled with the ethical principles that transcend the classroom and are at the core of all successful business practices.  As 21st century learners, we believe technology is an integral component of a student's transition from high school to post secondary, and as such our business courses are taught in computer labs using the latest technology with concepts and ideas explored using the tools that will be a part of their professional lives. Ultimately, our objective is to increase our students' awareness and use of technology while facilitating learning in an inclusive environment grounded in the beliefs of our Catholic faith.     


For those students who have an interest in pursuing business post secondary, we also offer the SHSM program with certification in the Business sector for aspiring businesswomen.


Students who study business at Madonna are also provided with an experiential learning opportunity by running the school store called "The Nest".  From accounting, marketing and entrepreneurship, The Nest is an excellent way we can incorporate classroom learning into real world experiences.

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