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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Canadian and World Studies

Canadian and World Studies provide students with an accurate, orderly and rational study of the various features and characteristics of today’s world.
Canadian and World Studies is the subject area in which students find out about places and spaces, cultures and conflicts, human structures and nature’s creations, by:
·         looking for connections, relationships, links and patterns
·         asking “where” and “why there”
·         learning to research, testing hypothesis, using computers
·         investigating issues, weighing points of view, making decisions
·         considering  futures and imaging new possibilities
to heighten their awareness and understanding of the world they live in.
In Geography: we study the impact of Space and Location              
In History: we study the impact of Social Development
In Law: we study the concepts of Freedom and Responsibility 
  • Gr. 9 downtown walking tour;
  • Gr. 10 Holocaust Remembrance Centre or Old Toronto (York) walking tour;
  • Gr. 11 ROM visit, Criminal Court observation;
  • Gr. 12 Sainte-Marie Among the Hurons, Criminal Court observation