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Toronto Catholic District School Board

An Enriching and Empowering Program for Young Women
What is the Mathematics, Science, and Technology Program?
The Math, Science, and Technology (MST) program was developed for students who enjoy and excel in the subject areas of Mathematics and Science and who would welcome the challenge of working in an enriched classroom environment with other like-minded students.  Students will meet Ministry curriculum requirements by working on interdisciplinary projects.  The depth, not quantity, of assigned work will distinguish this program from the regular academic stream. The MST  program will prepare students for post-secondary education in areas which offer diverse and challenging opportunities. Successful applicants will be enrolled in enriched level congregated Mathematics and Science courses in grades 9 and 10.  Students will also take a Technology course in Grade 9.  To qualify for the MST Program Certificate, students will complete 4 additional Mathematics, Science, or Technology courses.
Why was the MST Program introduced at Madonna?
  • A significant number of our graduates successfully pursue careers in the fields   of Mathematics and Science
  • The MST program will provide young ladies with a differentiated Mathematics, Science, and Technology program which will enrich their learning
  • The MST program will provide students with interdisciplinary studies in Math, Science, and Technology 
  • An “all-girls” environment is ideal for fostering the love of Mathematics and Science
  • The MST program will prepare our students for post-secondary education in areas which offer diverse and challenging opportunities
Who should apply to the MST Program?
  • You are a student entering Grade 9 in  September
  • You enjoy studying Mathematics and Science
  • You do well in Mathematics and Science
  • You enjoy working on individual and group projects that deepen your learning
  • You enjoy challenging tasks that bring your learning to a higher level
  • Your goal is to continue studying in the area of Mathematics, Science, or Technology once you leave high school
  • You enjoy finding relationships between different subject areas
  • You wish to develop your leadership skills
Application Process:
The program will be offered to students entering Madonna in Grade 9.  Students will be studying enriched-level Math and Science as a cohort in grades 9 and 10 in addition to taking additional Math, Science or Technology courses in grade 11 and 12.   Acceptance will be limited to those top students who meet the outlined criteria.
Criteria  for Acceptance:
Grade 9 students applying must fulfill the following requirements in order to be considered:
  • Submit a completed application form by December 2, 2016
  • On December 7, 2016 come to Madonna to complete the following:
1.      a math skills test
2.      a written paragraph on a topic provided
3.      an interview​