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Science, Technology, En​​gineering, Arts, Mathematics

STEAM incorporates all components of the STEM program with an additional focus on creativity within technology.


Applications to be submitted through SOAR. 
Program assessment date: November 5, 2020 - 4-6 pm - Virtual assessment
*Links to virtual assessment will be shared with the email address provided in SOAR.

What is S​TEAM?

The Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics program has been developed for students who enjoy and excel in the subject areas of mathematics and science and who welcome the challenge of working in an enriched classroom environment with other like-minded students. 
Students will meet Ministry curriculum requirements by working on interdisciplinary projects. The depth, not quantity, of assigned work distinguishes this program from the regular academic stream.
STEAM students will be enrolled in enriched level congregated mathematics and science courses in grades 9 and 10. Students will also take a technology course (robotics) in grade 9. To qualify for the STEAM Program Certificate, students will complete 4 additional mathematics, science, or technology courses in their grade 11 and 12 years.


Benefits of ST​EAM​

  • Inquiry based classroom experiences and reach ahead opportunities that enrich student learning
  • Opportunities for interdisciplinary studies within science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and English courses
  • An all-girls environment is ideal for fostering the love of mathematics, science and technology


Should I apply to the STEAM Program?

If the statements below sound even a little bit like you, then yes, you should apply! 

  • I am a student entering grade 9 in September
  • I enjoy studying mathematics and science
  • I do well in mathematics and science
  • I enjoy working on individual and group projects that deepen my learning
  • I enjoy challenging tasks that bring my learning to a higher level 
  • I enjoy finding relationships between different subject areas
  • I wish to develop my leadership skills
  • My goal is to continue studying in the areas of mathematics, science, or technology once I leave high school

How to apply to STEAM

  • Submit a completed application form to Madonna CSS
  • Attend the Madonna CSS virtual program assessment and information session on November 5, 2020 to complete
    • a math skills assessment
    • short writing questions
    • a meet and greet with STEAM teachers