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Grade 12 Religion (University/College) - Church & Culture

This course explores an understanding of how the Church engages contemporary culture with faith and reason, through Scripture, prayer, sacraments, and the experience and tradition of the Catholic Church.  Students will have opportunities to learn about how we are called to a life of virtue and joy, one that challenges us to transform oneself and society in pursuit of love, justice and the common good.​

Gr. 12 Religion (Open) - Church & Culture

This course assists students in understanding themselves as moral persons living the way of Christ through an examination of the revelation of sacred Scripture, and the experience and teaching of the Catholic Church.  It engages students in critical reflection on significant contemporary moral and ethical issues in light of Scripture, Church teaching and their own experiences.  Social and ecological justice issues are explored along with a study of topics that focus on Christian mercy and forgiveness.  The graces and challenges of everyday human living, understanding who we are, what we are called to be, and living in relationships, including marriage, and family life are explored from a Catholic perspective.  Students are challenged to adopt the Christian stance in the political world.

The final culminating activity for HRE4M is working on a social justice issue that a group is passionate about.  It is an opportunity for students to put Catholic Social Teaching into practice while further developing their 21st century and Ontario Catholic Graduate Expectation learning skills (e.g. collaboration, effective communication, problem-solving, ICT, responsible citizenship, etc.)  As part of the project, each group must connect with expert community partners, engage in both charitable and advocacy initiatives, document their project through a video, and complete a research report and exam presentation.  Here are two sample videos documenting a project again sweatshops, and another one on FNMI reconciliation.

Wear the Justice - Sweatshops & Fast Fashion Industry

​​Here is a photo of our students commemorating December 6th, International Day of Action on Violence Against Women.  Students created and wore a body poster to honour either a victim, survivor and/or advocate.  They shared their stories of the women in a candle-light prayer circle in class.​​

Violence Against Women Body Posters to commemorate victims, survivors and advocates against violence

Drawing crosses to make a class banner with our Lenten commitments: "Fast from..." and "Feast on...."  (e.g. Fast from social media, Focus on more family time)

drawing lenten crosses.jpg

lenten cross promises.jpg

lenten cross promises 2.jpg