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Contact Info:
Annalisa Crudo-Perri


Alumnae 1990


Check out our very own Madonna Alumni Facebook page:


Alumnae Awards
Calling all Madonna Girls! We have an opportunity for all of you to show your support and help to continue to ensure that Madonna remains the great school that it is! Enclosed you will find a letter for those interested in making a contribution to our Alumni Awards that are given every year, and to help with some of the school needs. We are reaching many girls in our community as our enrolment continues to increase as we are going to be over 700 Madonna girls next year! You may choose to make an online donation, send me an email to or direct message me. You can also call the school at 416-393-5506 to receive further info! We are also still planning for a big group event, anyone interested in helping with this can also contact me the same way. Let's find a way to come together as a community of alumni to show everyone how strong and amazing Madonna girls are, past and present!


Madonna girl for life, Annalisa Crudo-Perri