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Ethical T-Shirt Making Workshop


On Thursday, September 29th and Monday, October 3rd, Madonna's SHSM Non-Profit students participated in an ethical t-shirt making workshop. During the workshops, students gained insight into the horrible impact of the fast fashion industry on the environment, consumers’ health, factory workers etc. This workshop promoted conscious consumerism, ethical shopping, and the power behind the consumer in creating social change. A guest facilitator, Kelly Okamura, lead students through a discussion on the ‘up-cycling’ and ‘re-purposing’ of clothing from thrift stores. This event not only complemented and reflected the role and work of our SHSM program, but it was also an excellent opportunity to bring our community together in celebration of our role as Catholic stewards for God’s creation and human dignity.


As part of the workshop, students visited Value Village located in the plaza next to the school to select clothing for ‘repurposing’. It is a goal of our SHSM program to ensure that the non-profit sector’s spirit wear is ethically made and we showed students that this was possible while still being both a trendy and ethical fashion forward consumer.


A special thank you to Kelly Okamura for facilitating this workshop for students!
“It’s time to use your voice and your power to transform the fashion industry into a force for good.” (


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