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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Madonna's SHSM ICE Training 2017


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On April 5th, Madonna's SHSM students worked with our community partner “Fashion Takes Action” to work through the Innovation, Creativity, Entrepreneurship (ICE) framework. The purpose of ICE training was to provide Madonna's SHSM students with a process and set of tools to help them to develop the mindsets related to innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. These are three skills that are important for students to learn and know how to apply, given our ever-changing world.


The students had the opportunity to tackle real-world problems and sector-relevant challenges. Students used a process called the 3 Gears to solve a real-world challenge specific to Fashion Takes Action. At the end of the daylong training process, students had an opportunity to “pitch” their innovations and ideas to a member of the organization. 


The framework, toolkit, and supporting resources were created in partnership by the Ontario Ministry of Education’s Student Success/Learning to 18 Policy Branch and the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto for implementation in SHSM programming across the province. One of the benefits of our SHSM programs is that it represents a rich opportunity for students to explore innovation, creativity, and entrepreneurship. 


A sincere thank you to Sarah Peel from Fashion Takes Action for partnering with our school community and providing a real-world challenge for students to tackle.


In addition, we would like to thank Ms. Crudo-Perri and Beverly Hills Fine Foods for their excellent hospitality! 


Thank you to our teacher supervisors and facilitators: Mr. Spinelli, Ms. Tiberi, Ms. Ieradi and Ms. Ferrer!



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