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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Madonna Grade 10 Retreat Day

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Students in the Grade 10 Christ and Culture Religious Education program at Madonna CSS will have the opportunity to participate in a retreat program facilitated by the Bridges for Youth 2 educator and coordinator named Patrick Sullivan. The retreat program will take place at Sanctuary. Sanctuary is a Christian charitable organization located in the downtown core of Toronto that seeks to establish and develop a holistic, inclusive and healthy community. 


At Sanctuary, students start their day with a conversation about relationships and community. After the introduction and icebreakers, students participate in a walk around the streets of Toronto. During the walk, students stop at the AIDS Memorial and many places where street youth have been known to engage in activities for the purpose of survival. The purpose of the street patrol is to empower students to look at ways in which they can actually help and support youth who are homeless or at-risk of homelessness.

This day of service enables the students to develop relationships, to open their hearts to all, and to show love and respect for those who face many challenges.  The day ends with a closing talk back at Sanctuary where the retreat facilitator will discuss his own personal journey that involves pain, compassion, and healing.  


Madonna's students look forward to it's partnership with Patrick Sullivan as he continues to inspire and motivate our young women to be local and global social justice advocates.