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Senhor Santo Cristo C.S.

School History And Tradition      

Senhor Santo Cristo Catholic School is named after a centuries-old feast that originated in Ponta Delgada, St. Miguel in Portugal.  It was selected by the community to honour our Lord Jesus Christ. The school operates in a modern facility with an exceptional general purpose room (gymnasium), a unique library, music (instrumental and vocal) and large classrooms.

The school has served a student population which originally consisted of a large number of students who were recent arrivals to Canada. Currently, the school is serving children, most of whom were born in Canada and many of whom are sons and daughters of former students 
The school is also the home of the Niagra Faculty of Education University, which is situated on the third floor.  Teacher candidates are placed regularly in classroom which provide extra support for students.
Striving to establish a safe, welcoming and warm environment, an increasingly strong emphasis has been placed on cultural events and activities to enrich and expand student experience. With the encouragement of community involvement and accessibility, the building is well utilized beyond the regular school day as many groups take advantage of this excellent community facility. Over the years, the dedicated staff have traditionally reached beyond the school walls to support students, families and community agencies.
Extra-curricular sports, dramatic presentations, monthly virtue assemblies, Christmas concerts and annual CSPC Barbeques have provided opportunities for the community to gather together to share its successes.