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Welcome back to another School year.

Please check this site often for new information and updates.


UnHappy Birthday COVID

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Mental Health Resources to Support Families During Covid-19 Pandemic pdf.pdfMental Health Resources to Support Families During Covid-19 Pandemic pdf.pdf





This year, Halloween looked a little bit different. Although different, it did not stop the fun!
Thank you everyone for amazing pumpkin carving and decorating!


Gr. 8 Scientists in Action


As we are in the mist of a pandemic we have taken action in developing and training the next generation of scientists and researchers.
The Grade 8’s were busy practicing their skills on the microscope. Learning about the structures and functions of plant and animal cells.
Perhaps we have a future researcher that will find a cure for diseases or viruses.
Thank you Grade 8’s for your future contributions! Keep up the great work!


CSPC Nomination Form

CSPC Nomination 2020-2021.pdfCSPC Nomination 2020-2021.pdf


"Pink Package"

Please complete the attached information and return it to your child's teacher by Thursday October 1st.

Pink Package 2020-2021.pdfPink Package 2020-2021.pdf