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⮞ Filipino Heritage Month Presentation - "Let's Take a Trip to the Philippines"

⮞ St. Anne Students Explore Indigenous Heritage Month With Que Rock Virtual Sessions

⮞ Grade Three Growth Mindset Exercise

⮞ ELP/13 Portugal Day Artwork

⮞ ELP/13 Pentecost Artwork

⮞ ELP/13 Artwork For Sunflowers For Peace Project

⮞ ELP/13 Sacred Heart Of Jesus Artwork

⮞ ELP/13 Sunflowers For Peace Project

⮞ ELP/13 Laudato Si'

⮞ Mathology - No Bread Bakery

⮞ ELP/13 Artwork For World Bee Day

⮞ Chinese Folk Dance Experience Blog Posts

⮞ Letter Beads Tell A Story By ELP/13 Class

⮞ Mother Mercy Artwork By ELP/13 Class

⮞ Divine Mercy Artwork By ELP/13 Class

⮞ Holy Week Video

⮞ Grade 6 Stations Of The Cross Presentations

⮞ People In Stem

⮞ Planting Experiments

⮞ Palm Sunday

⮞ April Is The Month Of The Blessed Sacrament

⮞ The Little Bird’s Secret: A Short Story By Senaia

⮞ World Autism Day Artwork By ELP/13 Class

⮞ Autism Awareness Artwork By ELP/13 Class

⮞ Immaculate Heart Of Mary Artwork By ELP/13 Class

⮞ World Down Syndrome Day Artwork By ELP/13 Class

⮞ Peace Train By ELP/2 Class

⮞ Peace Video By ELP/13 Class

⮞ Freedom Quilts By Ms. Boccitto’s Grade 4 Class

⮞ Grade 2/16 Student Research For African Canadian Heritage Month

⮞ ELP/13 Students' Love Messages For Ukrainian Kindergarten Students

⮞ Lunar New Year Art By Mrs. Bilotta's Grade 2 Class

⮞ Snowday Exercises By Ms. Fajardo And Mr. Ferland's ELP13 Class

⮞ Pixel Art Exercise

⮞ Kindness Matters Exercise

⮞ Lego Nativity Exercise

⮞ Merry Christmas Exercise

⮞ Advent Exercise

⮞ My Advent Promise Exercise

⮞ Bullying Awareness and Prevention - Enemy Pie Exercise

⮞ My Beautiful Hands

⮞ Setting Healthy Eating Goals Exercise

⮞ ​​​​​​Anti-Bullying Posters

⮞ ​​​​​​Identifying ​Different Sizes And Capacity Exercise

⮞ Painting Peace Rocks

⮞ ​​​​​​SET1 Class Autumn Artwork

⮞ Newcomer Day 2021

⮞ Cyber Security Awareness Month - Presentation By Officer Megan

⮞ ELP/1 Class - Sorting Objects Exercise

⮞ Latin-Hispanic Canadian Heritage Month 2021

⮞ Walking With Christ

⮞ Orange Shirt Day / National Day For Truth And Reconciliation