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Frequently Asked Questions


How do I reach St. Anne Catholic Academy?
You can get in touch with us via this inquiry form​ or call 416-393-5569.
How do I report an absence? 
Student absences should be reported in the same manner as when attending school face to face using school messenger. If you are not already signed up, please visit School Messenger page​ for more information.
Will students/parents be informed about a teacher's absence, and will a supply teacher be assigned for the day/course? 
While we continue to work through staffing issues for everyone registered to the virtual school, there may be delays with reporting to families when staff are absent. Due to continued shortages of qualified teachers in the City of Toronto, occasional teachers may not be available to cover some of the classes. We are hopeful that the issue will be resolved soon and ask for your patience in the interim. 
What do I do if I need a device? 
The need for devices should be confirmed with your home school rather than with St. Anne Catholic Academy. It is the home school who is tracking those requests and who will be provided with updates on distribution. 
How do I reset my password? 
If your username and password are not working, please contact your teacher. If they are unable to assist, please contact the IT service desk​
If my family has not been contacted by a teacher, what should I do? 
Please contact us using this inquiry form​.
I am worried that my child has fallen behind with his/her learning. How will this missed class time be compensated? 
Please be assured that staff are committed to ensuring that all students receive the best education possible given the circumstances. The Board will explore the possibility of any additional supports that may be needed to ensure that no student falls behind as a result of the delays. 
When will high school students have their full schedule for the year? 
Staff at St. Anne Catholic Academy are currently engrossed in making sure that students have their schedule and classes for the first quad. Once we are confident that the start up issues have been resolved, we will begin the task of confirming the timetables for the second quad and beyond. 
Who do I contact to change courses? 
St. Anne's guidance team will follow up with students who have any issues with their courses. Please contact us using this inquiry form​
Are students in the virtual school exempt from Sacraments? 
Virtual students should not be exempt from sacraments. Sacraments are held by the parish, not by the school. Schools provide support. It would be up to the parents to register the students at the church for the sacrament. 
Are specialty programs available in the virtual school?
Some specialty programs like French Immersion, Extended French or International Baccalaureate may not be offered in the virtual school. The offering of these specialty courses will be dependent upon the number of qualified teachers for the program.

How can a Secondary Student thoroughly master course concepts in 39 school days?

All staff are committed to ensuring that students succeed to the best of their abilities. TCDSB has confidence in our teaching staff’s ability to support students and cover the course requirements. The individualized approach to teaching takes into consideration the diverse needs of students. Training has been provided to staff to ensure that they are able to deliver the curriculum in a way that resonates with students.


What type of technology does my child need for remote learning? 

Ideally, your child will need a tablet or a personal computer such as a desktop or laptop. Although learning materials can be accessed through a smartphone, a tablet or personal computer will provide for a more user-friendly experience. 


Which is the preferred web browser? 

The preferred web browser is Google Chrome. 


How will my child know how to log into their class? 

Students will receive an email to their TCDSB email account. To access their email account, your child is required to know their TCDSB username and password. Don’t worry if they don’t know their username and password. A Virtual School staff member will be connecting at some point this week to ensure your child knows how to log in. 


Special Note: All TCDSB students have access to accessibility tools when using Google Chrome. 

  • Logging into Google Chrome browser using your TCDSB Google account: Video | PDF
  • Logging into CHROMEBOOK using TCDSB Google account: PDF
  • Logging into CLOUDBOOK using TC​DSB Google account: PDF

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