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winner.jpgGifted and Enrichment Program
Archbishop Romero offers an Enrichment program to academically able and highly motivated students in order
to provide enhanced learning opportunities both in and beyond the classroom.  

The GOALS of such a program are:
·      to develop self-understanding and leadership based on Christian values
·      to challenge intellectual abilities
·      to develop independent, self-directed and self-motivated students
·      to foster critical thinking, skills
·      to explore new areas of interest
·      to develop personal talents  
The CRITERIA for participation are:
Identification as Gifted through an IPRC or Nomination by subject teachers of students who consistently demonstrate:
·      superior ability in a specific subject area
·      a high degree of self-direction
·      an extraordinary degree of interest in a particular subject
·      the ability and desire to participate in more challenging activities
·      honor roll standing (80%)
·      superior critical thinking and creative skills  
In-Class Enrichment: GEMS Program
Students in the GEMS Program are enrolled in Enriched classes in the following subjects:
Enriched Geography
Enriched English
Enriched Math
Enriched Science 
Click here for more information about the GEMS program. 
Advanced Placement Exams 
In Grade 12 Students in GEMS have the option of writing Advanced Placement Exams.  Taking the end-of-course AP Exam sends a powerful message to universities that you are ready for post-secondary education, and can enable you to gain admission, a university credit or a placement into advanced courses.
Enrichment Beyond the Classroom 
Students are encouraged to participate in the many opportunities offered for their enrichment and enjoyment. The purpose is to broaden the students’ experiences and expose them to opportunities that engage their interests and develop their talents.
Model UN Assemblies, PRO CON Debating
Canadian Club Luncheons, Perspectives Conference at U of T, Journalism Conference, Social Justice Symposium
Enrichment opportunities at Universities
Girls Rock Science at U of T
Computer Science Day at U of T
Queen's University Enrichment Week
Guelph University Interaction
Waterloo Unlimited
Subject Contests
Aristotle Philosophy Contest
National Biology Competition
Chemistry and Physics Olympiad
Waterloo Math Contests
Skills Ontario Prepared Speech Competition
Wilfrid Laurier National Stock Market Competition
Secondary School Mock Trial Tournament

Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
Students challenge themselves by setting goals in Fitness, Skill Development, Community Service, and Outdoor Expeditions at Bronze, Silver, and Gold Levels. There are currently 50 students at Romero in the Program.