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About Us


St. René Goupil Catholic School serves a diverse population. The common element is the Catholic faith that each family contributes to the community. We recognize our responsibilities to teach, foster and develop the tenets and practice of the Catholic faith. 
Inspiration Lights the Fire Within.
Inspire me to be the best person I can be:
to accept all the challenges in my life,
to share my talents and
to fulfill all my dreams with hard work.
Guide me as I make good choices in my faith,
my work and my life.
Reward me with attitudes that God, my family and my friends will
be proud of and that I will be proud of myself.
St. René Goupil,
Pray for us.
How We Meet the Diverse Needs of Our Students 
Students are expected and taught to behave in ways that reflect the Catholic nature of the school. There are many opportunities for the students to work and play together within the academic programs and in the school yard. Fall activities, Earth Day and activity day are some of the organized annual activities where students of all ages work together in teams.
Many of our families have immigrated to Canada. While many of the students speak English fluently, the language of communication in the home is not English. We recognize this fact and try to support the traditional language and culture at school while insisting that English is best learned by daily usage. We recognize that the vocabulary, grammar, idioms, and cultural expressions must not be assumed to have been learned as part of the family environment. We place particular emphasis in the primary grades on the development of vocabulary.
For each student the needs are different. At St. Rene Goupil, we individualize the programs to meet the academic needs and integrate the students into their peer-related classrooms so that there is an experience of regular classroom routines and expectations and also opportunities to make friends with their peers.
The programs at St. René Goupil are based on those set out by the school board and the Ministry of Education. The classroom teachers modify the guidelines to suit the uniqueness of the community. Heterogeneous groupings, a variety of instructional strategies, remediation, and tutoring are part of the daily methodology in the classrooms. We encourage parent volunteers to assist us in the classrooms. They are our biggest supporters because they see first-hand what happens in the school.


A full range of physical activities: soccer, volleyball, basketball, skiing, tubing, skating, badminton, cross-country and track & field at the house-league and intramural levels afford opportunities for structured games and friendly competition. In addition, there are activities such as chess, drama, W5H, arts and crafts, vocal and instrumental music, festivals, and performances. There is something for everyone.