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Toronto Catholic District School Board

Principal`s Message


St Rene Goupil Catholic School continues to be the home for many families and staff.  We welcome all our new families and especially our newcomers who have joined the St. Rene Goupil community this school year. As the new principal,  I look forward to celebrating with the students, staff and parent community the many joys and successes as the 2018-2019 school year promises to be filled with a variety of learning experiences and opportunities through classroom programming, extracurricular activities, and special community events.


As a staff, we are committed to providing the students the opportunity to engage in authentic and rich performance tasks that enable students to demonstrate their greatest potential and achieve the highest level of success.  As the administrator, I will continue to support Literacy and Numeracy skills by building on inquiry-based professional learning and instructional practices that contributes to the culture of learning in our school.  This is transferred into the classroom and continues to be the main focus of our students’ learning through students understanding how they learn best, by educators identifying the strengths and needs of our students in order to program and develop learning goals, incorporating differentiated instruction and differentiated evaluation, incorporating intervention practices, and utilizing the expertise of our support staff.


At St. Rene Goupil Catholic School, our primary focus is on fostering a Christ-centered learning environment.  This in turn encompasses a safe, inclusive, healthy, and enjoyable learning environment, where students, staff, parents, and the parish come together regularly to celebrate the Eucharist.  Our hope for this school year is that we have many opportunities to demonstrate and share our learning and celebrate who we are as a Catholic learning community.  Our mission is to come together with one voice harmonizing our faith through family, parish and school. Our pastoral plan focus for the next three years (2018-2021) is: We Believe, We Belong, We Become. We wish everyone a successful and productive school year full of creativity, innovation and inspiration. 


Mirella Rossi


St. Rene Goupil



“Give your hands to serve and your heart to love.” Saint Mother Teresa of Calcutta