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Principal`s Message

We welcome our families back to another school year and extend a warm welcome to students and families who are new to St. Rene Goupil Catholic School.  We look forward to a fruitful year of learning opportunities, activities, and events and we ask for God’s blessing for a successful year. I am privileged to be your principal and I feel honoured to work with our engaging and dedicated staff, our wonderfully curious and responsible students, and all our supportive families.
The TCDSB’s mission is to create an inclusive learning community rooted in the love of Christ. We educate students to grow in grace and knowledge and to lead lives of faith, hope, and charity. Our Vision is to transform the world through Witness, Faith, Innovation, and Action. At St. Rene Goupil Catholic School, we recognize that all students, staff, parents, and community members are to be treated with respect and dignity. It is our goal to meet the physical, emotional, social, intellectual, and spiritual needs of each student.
We believe that high standards, equity, and inclusive educational expectations foster greater achievement, that people thrive in a safe, healthy, and compassionate environment, and that teaching needs to be responsive to the individual needs of children. As well, we believe that the education of our students is a partnership of parents, school staff, and the parish.  Together we will work to provide an excellent Catholic education for all our students. Through our collaboration and respect, we will be successful in creating the best possible, positive learning environment for our children.
At St. Rene Goupil we recognize the uniqueness of each student, to ensure positive opportunities are present for them to be successful. Our educators are dedicated to understanding how your child learns best, and they are committed to providing students with engaging, authentic, and rich performance tasks, which reflect your child’s strengths and needs. Through differentiated instruction and assessment for, as, and of learning, our goals are to enable students to reach their individual goals and demonstrate their greatest potential. 
My personal goal for our students is that not only will they receive both educational and spiritual fulfillment at St. Rene Goupil Catholic School, but that they will enjoy coming to school and know that they are welcome, appreciated, and safe.
While there is no doubt we are a great school, we endeavor to always improve or find ways to serve our students and community better. To develop and maintain positive communication with our stakeholders (students, parents, parish, and community), we encourage you to share your voice. Your opinion matters and if you have constructive feedback or ideas on how we can improve please let me know. Anything can be accomplished if we work together as a united and focused community.
Parents are encouraged to become further involved in their children’s education by joining or attending meetings for our Catholic School Parent Council (CSPC). Parents are essential to the success of their child(ren). When we work together, we not only build a great community but, we also create engaging educational opportunities and experiences.
We want your and your child(ren)’s memories of St. Rene Goupil to be ones that you cherish for a lifetime. I look forward to working with all of you, serving our community, and helping make this school year successful.
Ms. Aquilina