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Toronto Catholic District School Board

School History And Tradition

St. René Goupil Catholic School opened its doors to students in September 1983. It is one of six Toronto Catholic District School Board schools associated with the Prince of Peace Parish.
The school community has changed over the years because of new residential development and the opening of Prince of Peace Catholic School which began in temporary facilities on St. René Goupil site.
St. René Goupil was born in Angers, France. He had entered the Jesuit Order but ill health forced him to leave. Even though he was deaf, he studied medicine and later in 1640 offered his services to the Jesuits in New France.
He spent two years caring for the French colonists and native converts.


In 1642, St. René Goupil and his companion, Isaac Jogues, were captured and martyred by the Iroquois at Auriesville, New York. St. René Goupil was ready to face new challenges and he shed his martyr's blood for Christianity.