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Principal at St Rene Goupil
Receives Canada150 Medal

John Pasia

Congratulations to John Pasia, Principal at St. Rene Goupil Catholic School, recipient of MP Shaun Chen’s Canada 150 Medal for outstanding contributions and service to the Scarborough North community. The award ceremony is happening on December 8th.


Below is a list of reciptients including school principals, vice-principals and superintendents.


Paola Cherrier, Principal Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati Catholic School
Mirella Rossi, Principal, Precious Blood Catholic School
Anita Arpaia, Principal, St. Elizabeth Seton Catholic School
John Gioia, Principal, St. Gabriel Lalemant Catholic School
Karen Quan King Thompson, Principal, St. Ignatius of Loyola Catholic School
Susan Scott, Principal, St. Marguerite Bourgeoys Catholic School
Florence Connolly, Principal, Our Lady of Grace Catholic School
Siena DaCosta, Principal, Prince of Peace Catholic School
John Pasia, Principal, St. Rene Goupil Catholic School
Mark Novis, Principal, The Divine Infant Catholic School
Lisa McGuckin, Principal, Francis Libermann Catholic High School
Peter Fitzpatrick, Principal, St. Barnabas Catholic School
Roy Chubb, Principal, St. Bartholomew Catholic School
Marcello Mancuso, Principal, Monsignor Fraser College
John D’Onofrio, Vice Principal, Francis Libermann Catholic High School
John McCabe, Vice Principal, Monsignor Fraser College (Midland)
Kevin Malcolm, Superintendent of education
Vincent Burzotta, Superintendent, Monsignor Fraser College (Midland)
Thuvaraka Christy, CSPC Chair, Blessed Pier Giorgio Frassati
Giselle Romanino, CSPC Chair, Francis Libermann
Cory De Vera, CSPC Chair, O L of Grace
Daphne Smith, CSPC Chair, Prince of Peace
Veneise George, CSPC Chair, St Barnabas
Joanne Tarulli, CSPC Chair, St Bartholomew
Margaret Emery, CSPC Chair, St Elizabeth Seton
Leonor Hudgin, CSPC Chair, St Gabriel Lalemant
Chrissie John-Powell, CSPC Chair, St Marguerite Bourgeoys
Katy Teed, CSPC Chair, St Rene Goupil
Elaine Bravo, CSPC Chair, The Divine Infant