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​​Elite Cradle International School

41 Chinese students from Zhengzhou, China visited our school, St. Rene Goupil for two weeks, from January 29 to February 8, 2018. They had a fun and educational experience that some students shed some tears​ on their last day at St. Rene Goupil. Some students even updated some teachers that they will like to return back to St. Rene Goupil as International VISA students. The experience was also a very memorable one for St. Rene Goupil students as many of them made new friends with the students from Elite Cradle International School.

First Day - Welcome to St. Rene Goupil​

Chinese students First Day.jpg 

Last Day - Farewell St. Rene Goupil​

Chinese students last day - SRG group pic.jpg
Chinese students last day 2.jpg
Chinese students last day 5.jpg

Elite Cradle International school 1.jpg

Chinese students last day 3.jpg

A big thanks and appreciation to St. Rene Goupil for their hospitality​ in welcoming their students from Elite Cradle International School. 

Chinese performance 3.jpg
Chinese performance 7.jpg
Chinese performance 8.jpg

Carnaval and Bingo

On Friday, February 8, our school had a fun Carnaval. The Chinese students from Elite Cradle International School and St. Rene Goupil students were in teams and participated in many different types of activities such as Bean Bag/Bucket Toss, Obstacle Course, Relay, Scooter Board and Noodle Hockey. After the activities, the students all gathered in the gym for Bingo, hot chocolate and snacks. 

Carnaval 1.jpg
Carnaval 4.jpg
Carnaval 5.jpg
Carnaval 6.jpg
Carnaval 7.jpg
Carnaval 8.jpg
Bingo 5.jpg
Bingo 6.jpg
Bingo 4.jpg
Bingo 12.jpg
Bingo 8.jpg

Congratulations to RED 3 Team for winning the BINGO game!
Bingo 10.jpg

Farewell Performances from Elite Cradle International School 
Chinese performance - flower.jpg
Chinese performance 4.jpg
Chinese performance c.jpg
Chinese performance 5.jpg
Chinese performance e.jpg

Fun and Engaging Science Experiment 

Science 1.jpg
Science 2.jpg
Science 4.jpg
Science 5.jpg
Science 6.jpg