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Family Fun Fit Night

​​On Thursday, April 26, 2018, our school had a family fun fit night with lots of fun exercises and a cooking lesson. It was a success as many families attended and enjoyed this event.


Drum Fit.jpg
Drum Fit 3.jpg
Drum Fit 4.jpg
Drum Fit C.jpg
Drum Fit 7.jpg
Drum Fit 9.jpg
Drum Fit 11.jpg
Drum Fit 14.jpg
Drum M.jpg
Drum Fit M2.jpg
Drum Fit M4.jpg
Drum Fit M3.jpg


Yoga 1.jpg
Yoga 2.jpg

Yoga 6.jpg
Yoga 7.jpg

Yoga 8.jpg

Zumba 1.jpg
Zumba 2.jpg
Zumba 4.jpg
Zumba 3.jpg
Zumba 5.jpg
Zumba 7.jpg


Chef 1.jpg

Chef 2.jpg
Chef 3.jpg