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​Math Fair 

On Wednesday, March 7, 2018, Ms. Cheungs’ Grade 7 students participated Math Fair at Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School. All the students had a fun learning experience. 

Math Fair Alex and Garshan.jpg 

Garshan and Alex

Math Project - Alex and Garshan Front.jpg 
Math Project - Alex and Garshan inside.jpg 

Math Fair Experience


             On Wednesday, March 7, 2018, Mr. Pasia and Ms.Cheung drove our class to Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School to participate in the Math Fair. We went to the cafeteria to have a quick mass before our Math Fair. After the mass was over, we went downstairs into the gymnasium. We got three tables and we put our tables in the centre of the gymnasium. We placed our bristol boards on the tables. Teachers and students came over to our bristol board to ask questions. Garshan and I were partners for the Math Fair. Our math question was, “What is the profit of building house in Beijing compared to Toronto if you have one billion dollars?” We were all handed a “Math Passport” and we have to write our name, our school name, and our teacher’s name. Garshan and I took turn to go around and find six questions that were interesting. In our passport, we had to write the questions that we thought were interesting, then write what was interesting about it, and then write what math strands were required in the question. After you were done writing the six questions in your passport, the other person in your group goes around and also writes six questions that were interesting. After the Math Fair, we got free pizzas. We left the gymnasium and arrived back to school at around 1 pm. The Math Fair was an amazing experience and was really fun, but I wish there was a winner to the Math Fair and whoever wins gets a prize.


Written By: Alex Chiu

Math Fair Rebecca and Nevaeh.jpg 

 Nevaeh and RebeccaMath Project - Rebecca and Nevaeh front.jpg

Math Project - Rebecca and Nevaeh inside.jpg 

Math Fair Experience


      On Wednesday, March 7, 2018, Ms. Cheungs’ grade 7 students went to Mary Ward Secondary High School for a Math fair. When all the schools arrived, we started off with a mass in the cafeteria. After the mass, we got sent to the gymnasium to get ready for the math fair. We were lucky that we purchased our own project board because not a lot of schools could afford that expensive board. Most of the schools were using bristol boards and chart paper. On the way to the gymnasium, we were quite confident with our effort and details we put into our work. When everyone was done setting up their booth we go to look around other schools’ booth and ask questions. A lot of teachers, students, and parents were visiting our booth and asking questions about our project. Most of the teachers and students enjoyed our math question. The Superintendent, Mr. Malcolm also gave a good compliment about our work. This was my first time going to a math fair and I really enjoyed it. I hope there is one next year too. The only thing I suggest is that there should be awards next time.


Written By: Rebecca Wang 

Math Fair Victor and Tian.jpg
Tian Kuo and Victor

Math Project - Tian and Victor front.jpg
Math Project - Tian and Victor inside.jpg

Math Fair Experience


On March 7, 2018, we went to Mary Ward Catholic Secondary school. Many schools participated the Math Fair. We first started with mass at the Math Fair. After the mass, we all went to the gymnasium for the Math Fair. At the Math Fair, Tian Kuo and I put our project up. When the judges came to our bulletin board, we took turns to explain our work and that we did a great job. Then, we got free pizza at the gym. Finally, we went back to school. This Math Fair was a fun experience and I saw a lot of other cool projects too.


Written By: Victor Huang

Math Fair Experience


On March 7, 2018, my classmates and I went to Mary Ward School Catholic Secondary School. This high school is a nice school, the school is very big too.  We took two cars to the high school. We quickly arrived to the high school, then we walked into the high school. After we entered the high school, we came to a room like a movie room.  After a while, more people came to the room. Then, we started to sing a song. I don’t know what song we sang. We also had mass. At 10.30 a.m., we went to the school’s gym. The gym is so big. We had a math fair in here. Until noon, math fair was over. We had free pizzas. Finally, we went back our school.


Written By: Tian Kuo Chen

Math Fair Ryan.jpg

Math Project - Ryan.jpg

Math Fair Experience      


Today at Mary Ward, we did a Math Fair with 6 other schools: Saint Sylvester, Epiphany of Our Lord, Saint Henry, Holy Spirit, Saint Aidan, and Saint Marguerite Bourgeoys. Grades 7/8 students of these schools did a math project based on real-life math. At the start, we did a mass. After the “blessings”, we went into the gym with all the other schools, and the math fair started. Students had to fill their “math passport” with questions about other schools’ projects. My Math project question was: “How many kWh can you save by turning off lights and TVs for 5 minutes?” A lot of people came and asked questions about my project. Despite the fact the Math Fair turned out not to be a “competitive” event since there was no trophy, ribbons, or prizes, it was still a fun learning experience.


Written By: Ryan Huynh


Math Fair Allen and Kenneth.jpg
​Kenneth and Allen

Math Project - Allen and Kenneth front.jpg
Math Project - Allen and Kenneth inside.jpg