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Principal's Message: 

St. Teresa has been in South Etobicoke since 1957. For over 55 years the school has continually welcomed a diverse and multicultural student population from different countries. The child Jesus is also known as "The Little Flower" so to is the school a "little flower" within the community. St. Teresa provides a welcoming inclusive environment where all cultures are affirmed, respected and can thrive.

Our EQAO six year trend indicates a steady improvement in Level 3 and Level 4 Reading and Writing for both grade 3 and grade 6. While our scores have continually gone up upon further examination of the data we were able to pin point specific areas that will require additional support.

The Focus for our school will be on Junior Math where we scored 67%(11/12) . Upon reviewing the data we will as a school focus on solving multi-step problems both within the Primary and Junior areas. In addition, for the Junior division we will also focus on answering multiple choice questions.
In the Primary division for Reading we will focus on vocabulary, text features and inferencing (open response questions). In the area of Writing we will focus on topic development/conventions.
In the Junior division we will focus on inferring (making connections) and topic development for open response questions.

Currently, St. Teresa is in the process of implementing 21st Century Learning. Every regular classroom has a Smart board that is used extensively by the students and teachers. We will continue to ensure that every computer drop has a working computer and the computer lab will continue be fully functional. We will continue to work towards the 21st C learning for our students, teachers and parents.21st Century learning also includes Communication, collaboration, creative thinking and collegiality. As a staff we will continue to meet and discuss how we can continue to provide our students with the necessary skills for the 21st century.
We realize that St. Teresa will continue to be an important fixture in New Toronto and will continue to welcome all who need our assistance remembering our strong roots and fostering new growth. St, Teresa has become a focal point for the community. It is steeped in tradition and established a process for learning excellence. We will continue to work together to meets the needs of all our students.