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School History And Tradition
St. Teresa Catholic School opened its doors for the first time to the children of New Toronto on Thursday, January 3rd, 1957.
The first record of a delegation approaching the board, (MSSB) requesting a school in St. Teresa�s Parish was January 20, 1954. The delegation was led by Fr. Robinson. He again led a group of ratepayers on November 9, 1954, advocating the need for a separate school in the area. There was a large geographic area between Long Branch School (Christ the King School) and the Mimico (St. Leo School) without a school for Catholic children.
Funding for schools at the time was based on the direction of tax payers - home owners and businesses, directing to the public school or to the separate (Catholic) schools. Unless a tax payer specifically directed his/her taxes to the separate schools, they would default to the public schools. Hence, Father Robinson�s statements to the board at the time that he had already secured �120 homes paying taxes where there are no children, 160 families with children, two hotels owned by Catholics and 4 stores on the highway�.
At the Regular Board meeting of June 14, 1955, the Property Committee reported that it had recommended that the boundary line � 16th St. between the Mimico Board and MSSB and that children living east of it should attend Mimico School (St. Leo) because this board collects taxes for this area. Later the boundary was changed to 11th. St. Since the Mimico board collected taxes, then it was responsible for providing transportation for the children. The delegation was also asked to approach the Mimico Board if they did not provide transportation to permit the taxes from the area the children come from to be directed to MSSB. The delegation continued to press for a new school in New Toronto and further argued that there was a �rapid deterioration of the Catholic Spirit� in the area because of lack of Catholic School. The delegation also argued that if their children could not attend Christ the King (Long Branch School) they would not send them to Mimico School (St. Leo) and they would �gravitate to the public schools�
Father Robinson once again came to board, to the Property Community and by Oct. 11, 1955, the Property Community put �New Toronto� on the list of schools to be built when sanitary services and financing became available.
At a Special Meeting of the Board on October 25, 1955, the site was found to be for small and recommendation was to have parents send their children to Christ the King and St. Leo (known as Mimico School. However, the difficulty was that there would not be bussing provided for the children and parents felt it wasn�t a safe route i.e. traffic hazard for the children to travel.
Because the available lot was far too small � it would only hold a four room school, the Roman Catholic Episcopal Corporation (RCEC) who owned the lot, may have provided it to the board at a minimal cost and other lots were expropriated to provide adequate land for the construction of the school.
On March 13, 1956 the board approved the erection of an eight room school and library, and on April 23, 1956, the Department of Education gave it approval as well with a budget of no more then $160.000.00.
Father Robinson, acting on behalf of Father Carroll, St. Teresa�s Pastor, (1938-1969) appears to have been instrumental in getting St. Teresa School built.
The New Toronto School, St. Teresa opened with 283 children according to the registers; although official count was 269 as reported in Feb. 12, 1957 Board Meeting. The first principal Sister Mary Vincent (of the St. Elizabeth Nurses).
January 3, 1957: Enrolment
S.K.: Mrs. Patricia Coleman: 40
Grade 1: Sr. Mary Bernadette: 39
Grade 2: Joan Tiveron: 41
Grade 2/3: Mrs. Julia MacKenzie: 7/34
Grade 4: Mrs. Elizabeth Weisener: 47
Grade 5/6: Mr. Eugene Hennessey: 27/10
Grade 7/8: Sr. Mary Vincent: 22/16
There have been 3 additions to the building:
1961: four rooms were added on the lower level
1963: two rooms were constructed on the 2nd floor above the 1st addition
1968: 3 large open area classrooms on all 3 floors were added at the far west end of the school as well as a gym.
Enrolment increased steadily to it�s highest in 1971 at 537 pupils. The present enrolment is 195.


In 2007, St Teresa Catholic School celebrated the Fiftieth Anniversary of our opening.