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Toronto Catholic District School Board

For Parents
A Prayer for the School Year
God our Father, we thank you for our learning power, our ability to love, to work, to laugh. Let us enjoy these gifts as we use them. Let us use them to help other as you helped us. God our Father, we thank you for the talents you have given our parents, our teachers, and all those who help us learn. May we give thanks for the privilege of coming to St Teresa Catholic School. Let us pray that we may grow as a community of brothers and sisters through friendship and faith in God.
Catholic Education Week
Catholic Education Week takes place anually during the month of May. During this week the Catholic Community celebrates the distinctive contribution that Catholic Schools make to our students, our community and our society.
Throughout Catholic Education Week, we hope that everyone in our school community will reflect on the significance of Catholic Education's presence in and contribution to our Church and our society.
School Hours
9:00 a.m. Morning Entry
10:45 a.m.-11:00 a.m Morning Recess
12:05 a.m.- 1:05 Lunch
1:05 p.m. Afternoon Entry
2:10 p.m.- 2:25 Afternoon Recess
3:30 p.m. Dismissal
Emergency Closing of our School
The school may be closed or classes may be cancelled for a temporary period in the case of an emergency arising out of: inclement weather, fire, breakdown of heating plant, the failure of an essential utility or similar emergency when the health, welfare or safety of children are in jeopardy. In such cases:
- The school staff will endeavour to contact the parents/guardians to ensure that the child is picked up, and where this will occur
- In cases where no adequate supervision can be ensured, the children will remain in the care of the principal and staff until the parents can assume responsibility for their children.
Students are responsible for the care and return of all library materials borrowed. Parents we ask your assistance in this matter. We realize it is very easy to forget to return a book. There are no late charges only charges for books lost, books vandalized or books destroyed. Boys and Girls, please take care of the books you borrow from our Library.
School Yard Safety Reminders:
- Nerf balls only!
- The following activities are not allowed: Wrestling, Tackle Football, British Bulldog and Throwing of Snowballs
- Do not bring to school: Skateboards, Hard balls, Roller Blades, Electronic Games of any kind, Trading Cards, etc.
- The following are not allowed: Fighting, Swearing, Inappropriate Remarks (Racial, Sexual, Obscene)
- Threatening behaviour is bullying. Bullies are not welcome at St Teresa. Do not become a bully!
Safety Rules are Important!
Parents, please reinforce safety rules with your children. The streets in our school community are very busy. It is extremely important that everyone follows the safety rules listed below:
1. Look all ways before crossing the street.
2. Never play near parked cars-especially in the teacher's parking lot.
3. Play games in a safe place away from traffic.
4. Drive your bike safely. Obey all the traffic signs. Obey all the traffic signals.
5. Walk when you leave the curb.
6. Do not run to the school bus. Teachers on duty will walk you to the waiting busses.
7. Do not run between parked school buses.
8. While waiting for the bus to take you to school, remember you are a student at St Teresa.
9. Play smart.
10. Stay safe.
Safety Tips for our Students
Parents, our staff regularly reviews the following with our students. May we suggest you do the same with your children at home.
- Remind your children to always tell you where they will be playing.
- Teach your children how to use the pay phone, including how to call long distance by dialing direct or using operator assistance. They should always have emergency telephone money with them.
Children should:
- memorize their phone number at home and of a neighbour
- know their name: first and last, age, address, and city
- go places with friends
Children should be reminded:
- never approach or enter a stranger's car
- never open the door to a stranger
- never say they are alone if they answer the phone
- never let strangers in the house
- never accept gifts from strangers
- never enter anyone's home or car without permission from parents
Use these numbers for assistance or to report suspicious people or behaviours:
- Toronto Police Service Radio Room 416-808-2222
- Emergency Help 911
Let us work continue working together to protect our children from harm and give them the confidence to deal with situations that they may encounter.
Cold And Flu
Students are reminded to wash their hands frequently to avoid spreading germs. If you are ill, please take some time to get well at home. We want you to work at your full potential while you are at school; you cannot do this if you are ill. Remember- no one wants to share your cold or flu. We know that students are very aware of spreading flu, cold, bacteria, and germs to others. Let's work together for a healthy school environment. Parents, please keep your children at home should they present flu or cold symptoms.
Weather Advisories
St Teresa Catholic School is a part of Toronto Catholic District School Board. Transportation cancellations are always announced through the local media. Please listen to cancellation updates on the local radio stations. You may also wish to call the Board's Information Hot Line at 416-222-8282 extension 2873.
Thoughts for Parents
Pause with your child-when others hurry by
Walk with your child-when others are running
Talk with your child-when others prefer shouting
Listen to your child-when others prefer being entertained
Praise your child-when others can only find fault
Learn from your child-when others have forsaken curiosity
Dream with your child-when others prefer television
Pray with your child-when others have lost faith
Apologize to your child-when others fail to establish limits
Hug your child-when others fail to sense the power to touch
-Dr. A.D. Witham
Student Agenda
St Teresa has implemented an agenda programme again this year. "What is an agenda?", you may ask. Agendas are organizers/planners that help students understand expectations, create timelines, set goals, monitor progress, and track their own success. The agenda provides one place for students to record all assignments; it also contains our student handbook which details school rules and regulations and includes the school calendar of events.
The agendas are an effective learning tool for students, a vital communication tool for parents and a real teaching tool for educators. We trust that through the cooperative efforts of all concerned, we may be able to help our students achieve their full potential at St Teresa Catholic School.
During the first few weeks of the school year, our staff will be helping students develop the "agenda habit" by teaching them how to enter assignments and monitoring the use of the agendas. We would ask you to do the same at home-why not start tonight?
We believe (and experience has shown) that the use of the agendas will effectively assist in meeting our objectives of increased student motivation and performance as well as reducing "parental homework stress".
Communication and Interviews
You are encouraged to contact your child's teacher whenever you feel it is necessary to discuss your child's progress. Please telephone the school secretary to arrange an appointment or write the teacher a note requesting an interview.
The Principal will be happy to assist in any way after the initial parent/teacher contact. We welcome your input and interest.
And Finally...
We appreciate your support and we would encourage you to contact the school at 416-393-5266 if you have concerns about your child. As your principal, I am delighted to be part of your child's education. I look forward to meeting you and working with you on educational and community matters. We are ready to begin an exciting and rewarding year at St Teresa Catholic School.

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