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Student Nutrition Program

Student nutrition programs provide healthy meals and snacks to children and youth. The programs aim to educate students to make healthy choices and to encourage children to try new, healthy foods. Studies have shown that proper nutrients and energy lead to enhanced performance in the classroom. Each student nutrition program is unique and a reflection of its community. Our dedicated staff and volunteers operate the program with cooperation and support from Toronto Partners for Student Nutrition, The Angel Foundation, and Toronto Public Health. Student nutrition programs:
  • Support better scores in math, reading and science.
  • Provide nutrients and energy so that students are ready to learn and participate in school.
  • Create healthier eating habits.
  • Help prevent obesity.
Each year, the City of Toronto awards grants to school communities to help them offer a healthy meal or snack to their students. The goal of the grant is to help programs serve healthier foods and operate more days per week. These grants are supplemented by generous contributions from the community.
To enrol your child submit the payment with the Snack Program Application Form below: