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Principal's Message


We welcome our families back to another school year and extend a warm welcome to students and parents who are new to All Saints Catholic Elementary School.  We look forward to a host of  learning activities and events that will take place and we ask God’s blessing for a successful year.  As your Principal, I will faithfully serve you to the best of my ability.


In a school community formed by Catholic beliefs and traditions, our mission is to educate students to their full potential. We believe that the education of our students is a partnership of parents, school staff and the parish.  Together we will work to provide an excellent Catholic education for all our students.


The safety of all our children is our priority at All Saints and the Development of students’ literacy and numeracy skills is the goal and focus of our programs.  We believe that we are part of a learning community that must provide a secure environment and foster character attributes such as respect and responsibility while improving student achievement.

Catholic schools are determined and shaped by the vision and destiny of the human person emerging from our faith tradition. Our tradition tells us God creatively and lovingly calls each of us into the wonder of life and sustains us on our human journey. While this journey contains moments of sin and brokenness, we recognize that the risen Christ shares our life and liberates us from sin. The Christian vision of the human journey is best understood in the context of relationship and is best accomplished in community. Catholic education views human life as a journey home to God. Catholic teachers create opportunities for their students to embrace their humanity, nourish their spirituality and develop the knowledge, skills, attitudes and actions that contribute to the building of God’s kingdom.


The Catholic Community of All Saints School believes that, by demonstrating our faith in God and respect for each other, we can create a safe, caring and collaborative environment that promotes life-long learning and celebrates the uniqueness of all individuals.

Catholic Schools ensure that the Catholic Faith permeates the whole school day, not just during religion classes. There are monthly masses in which students are expected to participate along with preparation for sacraments. Students in grade 2 will receive the sacraments of First Reconciliation and First Holy Communion through All Saints Parish. Students in grade 7 will receive the sacrament of Confirmation through All Saints Parish as well. In addition, Father Andrzej Glaba visits our classes on a regular basis for prayer, reflection and teaching of religious values. We are blessed to have a great partnership with All Saints Parish priests who come to the school to visit individual classrooms to speak to our students.


The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 1-8 has been developed by the Ministry of Education to provide a rigorous and challenging curriculum for each grade. In order for our students to do well and meet the expectations outlined in the new curriculum, homework is assigned on a regular basis. Having parents provide support and encouragement at home for completing homework assignments is essential. Studies show that students perform better in school if their parents are involved in their education and monitoring homework is an ideal way to become involved.


Education is a shared responsibility of students, teachers and parents. The major purpose of a school is to help each student develop her/his potential as an individual and as a contributing member of a society who will think clearly, feel deeply, and act wisely.

We at All Saints Catholic Elementary School feel strongly that students need to develop organizational skills, time management strategies, study skills, and independent problem solving skills as quickly as possible in their educational careers. Our explicit teaching through the student Agenda will assist them in acquiring these essential life skills. Parents are invited to regularly review this planner with your child as one method of keeping fully informed about her/his academic progress. Your comments and suggestions are of course, most welcome. I look forward to working with you and your children this year.


All Saints is committed to promoting a healthy active living and learning community focused on building awareness around the importance of a healthy approach to life.

All Saints promotes Healthy Snack Time. All students are encouraged to bring a healthy snack (fruits, vegetables, and grain products) for each day, and a well balanced lunch each day. These snacks and lunches should not include: pre-packaged foods, fast foods, and pop. We encourage parents to support these ideas through their shopping habits.

All Saints continues to participate in Daily Physical Activity (DPA) as well. We begin everyday with school wide DPA in which all students are encouraged to be vigorously active for 20 minutes. In addition, students are provided with Physical Education classes. Being active, eating well, and accepting themselves are keys to a child’s health and well-being. Parents and caregivers can play an active role in helping children develop healthy attitudes and habits that will last them a life time.


J. Aube

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