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Christmas Toy Mountain Campaign



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This year, our school, All Saints, participated in the Toy Mountain Campaign in partnership with All Saints Parish. Our Student Leaders led the campaign as they created jingles, wrapped boxes, organized the toys and delivered them to the church for pick-up. 


All students brought in a new and unwrapped toy for a student their own age. The campaign was a huge success at our school as we raised over 600 toys for all age groups! For every student who brought in a toy, they received a felt ornament to print their name to indicate their charitable contribution. The felt ornaments were hung on our school Christmas tree.


The Student Leaders delivered the toys to the church where Father Andrezj welcomed them and helped them organize them for pick-up.


We are very proud of their efforts and the students really learned  and experienced the true meaning of charity. We would like to share some of the photos that we took during the campaign at our school and church.


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Chloe Mathias & Patricia Rose

(Representatives-All Saints Liturgical Committee)