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Athletics Awards
Champ Award

The champ award is given to a sports or academic team member that showed real Annunciation spirit during the season. Through skill, sportsmanship, effort, and/or teamwork, this student demonstrated a real Champ attitude. The Champ award may be awarded to a student only once during their time at Annunciation. The coaches of the teams make the selection for the Champ award.

Junior and Intermediate Athlete of the Year -

A boy and girl from grade six and grade eight are selected for the athlete of the year award. These athletes have demonstrated consistent athletic skill, and good sportsmanship throughout their junior or intermediate years at Annunciation. Selection for the Athlete of the Year is made by the coaching staff.

The Wall

At Annunciation we recognize exceptional performances by putting a picture of a team or individual on the wall in our hallways. This is a long held tradition at Annunciation. The pictures of our athletes go back to the seventies!


To get a picture on the wall the student or team must meet one of the following standards:


  • Place 1st, 2nd, or 3rd at a city level event
  • Place in the top 10 at the city cross country meet
  • Place 1st at the TCDSB-wide Swim meet or Hockey Tournament (A Division) 
  • (The hockey tournament and swim meet are not board wide events, representing a small percentage of the schools across the TCDSB)