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Benefits Of AP
  • Students get a head start on the work they will encounter in university
  • Successful completion of exams earns students advanced placement and/or credit in university
  • Exams are recognized by universities throughout Canada, United States and Europe
  • All universities in Ontario accept Advanced Placement exams. See for details
  • Students who use AP exams for credit, save the tuition for that credit and have more time to focus on other courses if they choose
  • AP marks are entered on a separate transcript by the Collegeboard and are only sent to universities at the student’s discretion.  Students can choose to forward AP marks for credit, delete AP marks from their transcript or even re-do AP exams if they are still in high school
  • Bishop Allen AP grads are reporting the benefits of having written AP exams: they are finding university course loads manageable and are happily using their exams for credit
Research show that:
AP students are more likely to take additional university courses within the discipline of their AP coursework
  • AP students are more likely to maintain a high grade point average and graduate from university with honours than their university classmates of similar ability
  • AP students who receive university credit or advanced placement into higher level university courses perform better than the non-AP students who have taken the introductory university courses
  • AP Calculus students with grades of 3 or better on the AP Exams outperform advanced or honours students from each of the 18 participating countries
  • AP Physics students who received an AP Exam grade of 3 or better on the AP Physics B or C exams performed as well as physics students from the top-performing nations of Norway, Sweden, and the Russian Federation