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Gifted Program – Resource Room Model

The Gifted Program is a co-curricular program of events and activities created primarily for IPRC'd gifted students. Students are provided with a menu of available activities and experiences that run almost every day. From these, students select activities that interest them and that would be enriching for them.

Each month, students in the SAGE Program are called to a meeting where they learn about exciting upcoming events and are invited to participate. Guest speakers are often invited to these meetings to present students with new ideas and opportunities. Student speakers are also on hand to speak about their involvement in activities and to encourage the participation of their peers.

Students are also invited to a one-on-one meeting with the gifted facilitator to establish their interests and goals. They are encouraged to make appointments at any time to work on entrance applications for programs with limited enrolment, to prepare scholarship applications, to develop new initiatives and to discuss any other interests or concerns.