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Social Sciences

The Social Sciences Department is pleased to offer a full slate of programs.Comprised of the disciplines of Geography, History, Sociology, Psychology and Law, the department has specialists in each area delivering programs which challenge and stimulate our students. The department has embraced the AP program and students have experienced considerable success in writing the AP World History and AP Psychology exams.

The geography program at Bishop Allen has a distinct human ecology and stewardship focus. Students in grade nine are introduced to the fascinating world of geography with a range of stimulating activities. In the senior grades, opportunities to study Physical Geography and World Issues are available. Field work is an integral part of the geography curriculum.
In the history program, students undertake a variety of innovative activities designed to enliven the study of history. From History Fair and simulations to the sharing of foods from around the world, history students are exposed to a plethora of meaningful activities. Students are given an opportunity to meet with a variety of guest speakers, includding Canadian veterans, Holocaust survivors and those who have experienced the Japanese Canadian internment.
In the grade eleven Law program, students visit the Provincial Courts to see the law in practice. Grade twelve Law students are encouraged to participate in mock trial tournaments at both the board and provincial level. The Sociology and AP Psychology programs continue to grow as they attract students interested in exploring human behaviour.
The Social Sciences department continues in its attempts to make its various disciplines a real and practical introduction to the world. It is a firm conviction of the teaching staff of the Social Science department that practical experiences and fieldwork are integral parts of effective, relevant education.